[Misson] Use hand sanitizer every day | Prize - 100 STEEM + @

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Mission - Use hand sanitizer every day

  • Take a photo of your hands after apply hand-sanitizer on the back of hands or palm


  • Vefrifiable time : 00:00 - 24:00
  • Daily Certification count : 1 time
  • Verifications : 5 times a week


  • Please use a transparent colored hand sanitizer, if possible.
  • Please take a photo of your hands and hand sanitizer together.

How to join

1. Download Cryptomission app from google play.

Android download link

2. If you wish to participate, select the desired mission from the mission list.
3. Select a mission and send the desired participation fee (Steem).

@futureshock team forked steemconnect and made Steemlogin. It is steem third party steem signer app. Cryptomission integrate steemlogin for sending participation fee. We do not access the private key separately. https://steempeak.com/steemdev/@futureshock/change-steemconnect-for-steemlogin

4. When transaction is confirmed in steem blockchain, the application for participation is completed.
5. Mission certification is carried out through the transmission of the photo according to the mission information and guidance.
6. Prize money is distributed at the end of mission.


This posting's author reward is used as a prize for next missions.

Introduction posting : https://steempeak.com/cryptomission/@cryptomission/cryptomission-starting-beta-service-now
Android link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twofastlane.cryptomission


Nice, profitable, and fun. :0

Yeah. Challenge the mission!

amazed to know about this.

Thanks and You can download cryptomission and feed back to improve service.

Let's do it :p

why don't you try mission and enjoy reward.^^

Very nice initiative, when this contest will end and how the prize distribution?

if you complete mission, your reward = your participating fee(pf) / total pf x (total failed pf * 0.9) this is basic concept of reward currently. if you failed mission you loose your fee and successor will get it. enjoy and welcome for your feed back ~~

If everyone will success then..?

currently we put the special prize 100 steem on a mission to encourage participants, so if everyone success.. participant will get the participating fee back plus ( participating fee / total participating fee *(special prize 100steem * 0.9)). enjoy cryptomission~~

wow nice idea bro.. it is profitable for both health and financially ..

Yes you're right. and the mission contents are not only for health but also for all useful habit related missions. Contents will be upgraded during beta test. thanks

A really nice idea

thanks and it will be improved continuing~~

Very nice intiative. Soap and water work to remove all types of germs from hands, while sanitizer acts by killing certain germs on the skin

Yes, you are right. washing hand can be a next mission and you can join the cryptomission. Thanks

hahaha lets start xD

upvoted <3
i am new here need your support :)

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