Russia during the sanctions !

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In this video I showed how I took a walk to the mall with my son in Russia during the sanctions.

I've seen some people claiming on twitter that the situation in Russia is so bad because of the sanctions, but it seems ok to me. I don't know what will happen in the future with the country and with my family, but it doesn't seem that bad now. But I still worry that the war can began even here. That's why in case I'll not make it leaving the country now, at least I will enjoy the last peaceful moments. Of course, I wish the war will come to the end in all around the world. And I wished we all lived in a better peaceful world, where everyone cares about each other. But since we are not living in such world, I'll be just ready for everything, while enjoying my life at the same time.

I would like the video to go viral, because I'm so stack on youtube, and they even deactivated the monetization for me for a long time already. I gathered there about $75 for a few years posting videos, then they just stopped the monetization because I didn't have that many subscribers, but now they deactivated my AdSense at all. So they are not even planing to give me my money. But, I'll keep posting there anyway, and I'll stop doing so, only if they will censor my account and delete it at all. Also, I like to post there because the video is posted immediately, and I can just share the link in all the social media I post in. It's also good that youtube link can be embedded almost everywhere.

Enjoy watching the video. That may help as well.

I'll be happy as well to see you commenting it on youtube itself.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube !


hello @clixmoney,
Personally I think that the sanctions are not aimed at the common population, the sanctions are aimed at affecting the economy of the government and the main millionaires of your country, that is why people do not feel the economic blow, the only thing that people can see are a few chain shops leaving the country, on the other hand the effects of the sanctions will be reflected in the common population in a few years, for now only the state and the millionaires are affected.

You are talking about millionaires to be affected. Interesting, how that will affect someone with so much money and many businesses in the country and within. Trust me, it's all a show to show us that they are all fighting. Learn about what World Economic Forum are preparing for people in the earth. That's what I worry about now the most. Most of the conflicts are created to divide people in the world. And people still buying it, some defend one country, others the other. You see in the mass media only two sides are presented, and they want everyone to take a side. While it's better to choose the side of the reason.

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Peace & Love!

Thanks a lot. I wish you watch the video.

Thanks for sharing glad to see ya doing great everything looks so calm i wish the war come to an end sooner.

Thanks. I also hope for the best. The god is with us. I believe in karma and destiny. I always did my best in my life to not hurt anybody. And I always supported peace. I hope to be rewarded by that to at least live a better life, or find the power to leave the country to a better one.

You are welcome i wish you all the very best.

Friend Clixmoney, I fully trust that the war will not come to Russia, since the actions of the Russian army are directed exclusively to Ukraine, and the much smaller Ukrainian army has dedicated itself to defending itself in its own territory, I hope that economic sanctions will not affect the Russian people. I also hope for early peace.

Oh and I also recommend you use to publish your videos, there the videos are starting to generate much more money (DTB) and that currency is very well valued

Yeah, I share my videos in dtube. It's called DTC I guess. But the problem that's even dtube is blocked in Russia and with vpn it's so slow. That's why I prefer youtube.

Thanks a lot for your support. I'm not that afraid of the Ukrainian army. I just see how NATO and US and other countries are helping them. So, all those countries if they form a bigger army, they may start attacking Russia as well.

 11 months ago 

very unlikely @clixmoney

I would expect that US, EU and NATO will continue supporting Ukrainian forces and wait patiently for Russia to slowly bleed out. Without collapsing.

I think that hardly anyone wants Russia to collapse. But surely many politicians and important figures want Russia to be weak.

Yeah, that's why I think they may start attacking it. Maybe not now, but I feel that we will have war here as well. Attacking it also will make it weaker. So, anything is possible. Of course, I hope to be always positive, but no one know for sure what going to happen.

 11 months ago 

hi @clixmoney

Of course you may have a war within Russia. But it will be more likely civil war.

Who would attack Russia? I don't see even one country brave enough to sent their troops to fight there. After all - if even 10 soldiers from US, europe or NATO would die -> it would make many politicians lose their jobs.

At the same time even if 1000 Russian soldiers die -> it seem that noone really care. Value of life is very different. And again: I don't see how any country would attack Russia. That sound like a propaganda of fear.

What you guys need to worry is conflict within country.

Trust me, I don't get affected from propaganda. I just have my head to think. And don't forget that I'm Algerian. A lot think that I'm Russian here. I mean I've got the Russian citizenship, what took me 10 years here as an immigrant to fight for it. I mean my life here wasn't that easy. And even now because I live about 100 km from Ukraine. I'm still that international guy who want peace in earth and who want just to make friends from all around the world. I don't fall in any propaganda full of hate and manipulations. The world is divided now. And I'm trying to open the eyes of people before it's too late. I wouldn't say a lot here, but you can check what The World Economic Forum are planing for all people on earth. This war and many others are their agenda. I worry the most about what's prepared for all humanity and how most people are buying it by fighting each other. I would like my child to live in a better world. That's all what I worry about the most. I don't really care now about what will happen to me. As I told you, I wouldn't like to write a lot, but I hear military airplanes every day, and ambulances passing my house with wounded soldiers, most of them are young. That proves that politicians never participate in wars, and they always stay safe. They just use those young guys to fight with them. And that's also so bad to see.

 11 months ago 

Hi @clixmoney

Thanks for sharing.

I've seen some people claiming on twitter that the situation in Russia is so bad because of the sanctions, but it seems ok to me.

That would be quite surprissing and surely not really expected. In a way it would mean, that Russia economy is not really inter-connected with outside world.

Also it takes time for economical trouble to reach "regular people". Results of pandemic and lockdowns have been just unfolding now. With quite a solid delay. So I would expect that Russia will start struggling in couple of month.

Part of me also wonders, if you would actually share your experience about state of Russian economy if it would be negative. Somehow I'm not sure if I can belief anything Russian people say online, since punishment for complaining about this war can bring huge punishment.

cheers, Piotr

You can take a look at rouble price and think about that. That may talk a lot about the economy here. When everyone was afraid of what was going on, they were all selling rouble for dollar maybe. But now the price of dollar went to what it was before. It hit 140 roubles for 1 dollar, and now it's 73 again, just like it was before the war. Most of Russian businessman are calling to support the local business. And for sure, we have a lot of products from Russia. It's one of the biggest countries in the world, how we can have the lack of products with all lands and agriculture ?

I'm not afraid of anything, I just share the truth while people in twitter are lying. There are many things I don't like of course about the government, and I always write about them in hive and blurt. I always write that I don't trust any politicians and everything what's going on in the world is because of them and only simple citizens suffer because of that. But when I see people lying without even living here, I don't like to just stay quiet about that. There are lying for sure from both sides, but what I can prove is from my side that the prices didn't change that much because of sanctions and that's the truth. About anything politicians do from both sides, I just don't like it. Don't you see how they are actively attacking all centralized crypto in the world ? Imagine all the world will have to pay 30% taxes in all crypto they earn, just like it was done in India. And they are doing this while distracting everyone with one war, while there are so many of them in the world. Only today I commented one guy from Syria where he shared about what's going on there. In Nigeria, they are also not living an easy time. And I'm sure there are troubles in many countries now. I just hope most people will help the real victims in many areas in the world. Of course Ukrainians are suffering from this as well. But still even Russians aren't living an easy time when they see how all the world is turned against them. I mean citizens who have nothing to do with the war. I'm all about peace in the world and I hope to see a better change where we will not have victims in one hand and people making a lot of wealth from that. I always hoped that crypto will change the situation in the world. But even in crypto people are so divided now. So, we can count only on god or those who created this world to fix it. Humans didn't learn about all the history, and they keep fighting each other for money and create wars between them.

 11 months ago 

Thanks for taking the time to reply @clixmoney

they were all selling rouble for dollar maybe. But now the price of dollar went to what it was before. It hit 140 roubles for 1 dollar, and now it's 73 again, just like it was before the war.

One important question: are you actually capable of buying USD or EURO (trading rubel to other major currency)? Correct me if Im wrong, but as far as I'm aware - this would not be possible.
(which would mean, that exchange rate is currently "frozen" and is simply not real reflection of economy).

There is no country in the world, which could isolate their economy from the rest and would not suffer greatly. Russia is not a magical country. You like it or not - but regular people like yourself will pay huge economical price. Unfortunately.

please use "enter" from time to time. It's super hard to read such a long blocks of text.

Cheers, Piotr

I don't have to like it, or not. That's the truth. All those sanctions are harming only simple citizens, but not politicians. Here is what I wrote today in a post in blurt :

How losing a million for a billionaire can affect him/her ? But losing a few dollars could harm someone who's barely surviving.

So, I'm against sanctions against regular people who have nothing to do with what's going on.

I also wrote :

I understand what happened to this country for years. And what exactly all people here went through. From the Soviet Union, to the collapse in 90s, and the mess people had to go through here, when the police didn't work for years, but only organized groups dictated their rules. Then all the country was taken over by one political party that was winning all the time, if you are getting it how. Then the time of strict sanctions, where Russians are restricted from so many worldwide services. And those restrictions are implemented on citizens only, not those who are responsible for the war.

I'm not telling you that Russia is a magical country. I just mean that everything happening is on purpose. I'm almost sure that all politicians are working together. That's why you never see them harmed, or very rarely. Trust me it's a big show created for simple citizens to fight each other, while they make more money and power.

I'm also watching this video, what I advise you to watch as well :

Crazy things are going on right now. We should look at the big picture.

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