Revealing my secret of growing in a community !

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I was asked so many times about how I grow in a community I join that fast. Now I'm kind of experienced in that !

In this post I would like to share what I usually do to achieve success in any group I join ! Any place I like to grow in !

Revealing my secrets :

Looking to thumbnial you see the picture of the spartans. I know the story of those guys and I watched a few movies about them. I'm not sure if that was for real or not, but the story is really motivating. Maybe you have to read it or to watch the movie to be motivated like me. I'm sure that 300 people can impact the history for sure. Even a few people if they work together aiming at the same goal and not being distracted by obstacles, they may reach the impossible !

So, my secrets in growing on the blockchain are :

  • I learned about the community before joining it.
  • After joining I start to ask questions.
  • If I like it, I dig deeper to find the details.
  • I set goals and build a strategy.
  • I engage with those who are exited about it.
  • I create great content to share my ideas.
  • I build relationships with the members.
  • I respect the rules and ethics.
  • I try to be exeptional to be noticed !
  • I keep learning to be updated about the news.

Those are my 10 secrets to grow in any community, including tribes !

The most important is to really want something. There is a Russian proveb saying ''There is no word ''I can't'', there is ''I don't want'' ''.


Excellent list of secrets, which are no longer secrets 😅. I really liked that you shared this with us. Some of them I do, like researching beforehand, asking a lot of questions, relating to others. I would add perhaps, being myself, although I may "imitate" others, but keeping my essence.

A big hug.

You are welcome. Yeah, no longer secrets anymore. lol

I hope that will help someone to grow. :)

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