Motivate others to motivate yourself !

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I always liked to look at ants when they look for food and at plants growing through obstacles !


So, we often feel depressed, tired, or demotivated or even sad. Our life is like a chart of a cryptocurrency. Sometimes we are so happy going to the moon, and sometimes some circumstances just dump our chart. That's why we need some motivation to pump it. ☺

The first thing you have always to remember that there are many people in a worse situation than yours. You have to be thankful of what you have or what left for you. We may lose money, we may lose things, we may lose even close people, but the most important is to not lose ourselves. We are emotional people, but we should deal with those emotions very carefully. Even if we are depressed and stressed, we should remember all the good things we still have and start to thank for that immediately. You may thank god if you are religious, thanks the universe if you think we are coming from there, or just be thankful for the things you have, but others don't.

You have your mind and some people lost it. You have eyes, and some people can't see. You have ears and some can't hear. You can talk and some can't. You can walk, you have hands, you are alive after all. That's for a reason, for sure. About others, things are all restorable. If you lost money, you may earn it again. If you lost things, you may buy them again. Even if you lost people, you may always find who will be around. In case you didn't find people in the real world, you may always find them on the web. Or join a decentralized social media and start creating content and joining communities, and you can find so many friends or at least followers who may consume your content and give you feedback.

By the way, we all have here a great opportunity to share our emotions. It's even easier than in the real world. Everyone can have troubles in their lives, everyone can be unsatisfied form something. So, why to be ashamed and not to write about it. Just open your mind and heart and start writing about that. People look for real content creators, and more will follow you that way. Unlike the real world, no one going to laugh, most people may understand you and give you great advice to feel better or to improve what you need to be improved. Maybe some will call that a complaint, but that's not. We are all not perfect, and all of us need help sometimes.

Look at those little ants and how they work together to move something they need. Look at those plants that may go through any obstacles to keep rising. Look at people without hands, doing everything with legs. Look at people without legs, walking on hands. Look at poor people who work so hard in any work they find to eat and to feed their families. Look even at those rich people who lost everything and started over. Or people after recovering from medical issues, or even people after spending so many years in prison and starting the life over. Look at those who try again and again to achieve something. There are so many examples of people overcoming all troubles and starting even better life.


Life is full of surprises and up and downs. Just start from somewhere.

So, never give up on this life. Fight till the end. Be powerful. Be unbreakable !

You always can be better. Learn from failures to win more often !


Hi friend. You are absolutely right many times motivating others we give ourselves strength to continue facing and fighting with life, for an example we have those beautiful ants that work together to move something to its burrow and always get ahead for more mishaps than get in their way, the motivation must be unholy in us.

Greetings and thanks for such motivating content.

Hello @clixmoney!
The truth is that sometimes we see more what we lack than what we have, and just being alive and healthy should be a reason to go ahead and fight to achieve what we want, very thoughtful post. Greetings!

Hello, excellent content that you share with us on this occasion, motivation must be an intrinsic part of our existence since our state of mind is fundamental to be and make everything around us happy, I really enjoyed reading your extraordinary article because sometimes we forget our motivation.

Thank you for such motivating and lovely content. Greetings and many successes.

I draw a lot of lessons watching this little, wonderful creatures too.

very special publication. This week I have seen that many times we only live to complain, and that hurts us. We have so many things that others need and that don't make them lose the will to fight. We have to be grateful and we are giving a beautiful gift. Thank you for this reading.

Good post! :) I like this. Congratulations.

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Hello @clixmoney been quite some time since I see a post from you!

Being happy with what we have is the key to street-free life. So being thankful for what we have as you mentioned like health, family, or even the very basic things that we don't bother thinking about like our vision maybe is also great to be thankful about. No one has everything, everyone lacks something and that's what makes life exciting. People have money but no degree, other might have money and degree but they are in and health conditions, so no one is living the perfect life.

It's okay I believe to keep looking forward to more, that's us, humans, after all, we were made to be greedy and want more...always.

Nice read, thanks for sharing!

Why you are not replying me in discord ?

Sorry I might have read and forgot to reply, my bad, I will reply now.

Very motivating post @clixmoney I also like what you said at the beginning "I always liked to look at ants when they look for food and at plants growing through obstacles !" it makes a lot sense. Please keep it up.

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