I earned my first bitcoin cash !

in Project HOPElast year


I'm glad to earn my first bitcoin cash and I will hold it !

I earned all that from creating content in read.cash and noise.cash. Besides earning from the content, I was earning as well from referring people. They have a good affiliate program.

I joined both websites thanks to @offgridlife , that's why I'm so thankful to him. As well when I joined I got in touch with @pantera1, he's doing there really great. Then I started finding out that many hivers are already there, and they are with really big following. For example @friendlymoose with over 5k followers, @jongolson with more than 2k followers, @bitcoinflood with more than 1k followers and @bala41288 with over 500 followers and many, many others.

Of course I like read.cash more, because it's possible to earn there from big articles. At the same time they have an account that rewards content depending on the quality and tags used. So, I think if someone is writing well and sharing good original information, he/she maybe noticed by that account. It's called ''TheRandomRewarder'' and from what I know, it's acting like an artificial intelligent that can find the best authors to reward depending on many characteristics. Anyway, I like to earn from it up to $10 for each article I write. Recently it's up to $5, but even though it's good. My goal is to increase my earning in BCH, and every penny is important for me.

The price of bitcoin cash is low now, but who knows what will happen. In this crypto world, everything is possible. So, why not to aim to earn 2 BCH now. That will be a good goal as well. I'm sure if I'll be active in both read.cash and noise.cash, I'll reach that even faster. The first bitcoin cash took me about 8 months to earn, even without being that active there. There are some people who earn up to $500 and more in read.cash. I've seen some earned even $2k from one single article. Just imagine the potential. It demands only for someone with a lot of BCH to notice you, and like you, and you will earn a good amount that you withdraw right away. Tipping is really awesome and unpredictable.

I'm really thankful to crypto world to make it possible for authors like me to earn from their content.

I'm also thankful to all people I met during my journey creating content for almost 5 years !

Crypto is awesome ! ☺


I congratulate you! It is really an achievement to have reached 1BCH, I hope you can reach the goals you set for yourself and get more followers along the way. I'm sure it's a long and hard journey to get followers to support you, but I think it's worth it and it's a valuable experience that you surely won't regret.

#affable #venezuela

Thanks a lot, I'll do my best.

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