CC397 - - Decentralized Virtual Machines on Cosmos Soon

in Project HOPE2 months ago #cloudcomuputing #defi #web3 a is cloud computing infrastructure that wants to bet on DeFi and Web3. This technology provides blockchain agnostic, lightning-fast, low cost, and trustless. website:

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00:00 Introduction
01:23 The main page of
05:22 Decentralized infrastructure
08:53 Roadmap
10:07 The team
11:22 Decentralized virtual machines with indexing features

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Hi @chesatochi
This cross-chain thing will become more and more common, that's what I see, because interoperability is necessary. It's a way to be able to have the benefits of one Blockchain be used in another, I think that adds value to both parties participating. I didn't know about this project, it looks interesting.

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