When the light of life is extinguished it must be revived

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Our lives pass under a path that is not constant, there are ups and downs everywhere, so it is very common to see hopelessness around the corner, it is like that light that slowly goes out and when we want to react we are without any light to enlighten and illuminate us.

That flame that feeds our light of life is very vulnerable to go out, and what it feeds on is very scarce among us, however once it goes out it can be fed, this food depends on certain factors among which stand out: energy, desire, impetus, character, determination, high self-esteem, motivation, positivism, desire to fight, understanding adversity as a reason for learning.

If we put energy in our life we motivate others and ourselves, since we will achieve things that will greatly raise our spirits. The desire to improve ourselves leads us to act with character and determination, without hesitation or doubts, it is not necessary to strive to raise our self-esteem, since it will rise as long as we act with positivism, knowing that everything we do with desire and passion will work out well.

Adversities in a world of entrepreneurs are only small obstacles that are presented to us in life to show what we are made of, that is if we are really brave men and women able to fight and move forward, it is under this point of view in which many of us discover a heroic sense of courage that allows us to fight constantly and overcome every adversity that comes our way in life.

With all elements of struggle and personal motivation we can revive the flame of life, as long as we remember that we are beings of light and that we are designed to err and get out of the abyss and succeed whenever we want to revive the flame of success.


A man is a reflection of how he thinks. SO positive thinking despite the negativity surrounding a man's immediate environment, will surely keep a man sane to shine beyond those events.

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