How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie: Honestly try to see things from the other person's point of view

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Hello friends, reading this book has been wonderful, and all this long process in which I have been doing the respective analysis of it by chapters has allowed me to know that each of the tips given there are essential for the development of us as people and also to positively influence other people.

For this occasion I am going to deal with a subject that I think we all would like to deal with and understand, the subject is about the way we should see things when putting ourselves in the situation of another person.

Could it be that this position of quality is the one we would all like to have?

Perhaps many of us would like to have a magic phrase to be able to say to other people, and that with this phrase we can have multiple benefits such as being able to avoid arguments, eliminate the fact that other people may have dark feelings, but above all that with this magic phrase we can generate a circle of goodwill to the people around us.


Logically as there is no magic word that makes us solve many of the issues mentioned above, it is convenient that we start by putting ourselves in the place of the other person, that is to say to say anything that makes the other person feel that we are understanding them, for example we can tell the other person that we can not blame him for feeling the way he feels, however by putting ourselves in his place we would understand perhaps much of his suffering, no doubt that this will make the other person feel very good and also achieve a positive influence on that person.

Perhaps this way of acting you feel that it is closely linked to empathy, but personally I feel that this attitude is more linked to understand and make the other person feel a little better regardless of contrary positions, everything on the contrary even if we do not like some things of the other person we can learn to tolerate everything with the intention that the other person feels that we feel what he suffers by putting ourselves in his position.


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It's true, most of the extremely influential men in the world today found a problem and they provided a solution for it and that is a reason why we need to the same if we desire success.

Certainly the great characters in the history of mankind that have been influential is because they have achieved success through this type of attitude, greetings and thank you for your timely comment.

If we want to live in a society free of violence, being empathetic and having a real understanding of other people's point of view would be the best thing we can do to build a more humane society, knowing that our truth is only one of many truths is the beginning of empathy.

There is a lot of reason in what you tell us friend, let's hope that all individual efforts are directed to the understanding of these issues, greetings and thanks for your cooperation.