Most millionaires prefer cryptocurrency

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According to a surgery conducted by financial advisory organization deVere Group, an astonishing 73% of millionaires have some cryptocurrency or will be investing in it before the end of 2022. The surgery was carried out on a diverse group of people from every continent and the bench mark for "millionaire" was in Pounds Sterling, thus ensuring that everyone on the list had a net work of at least $1.3m based on exchange rate.

The finding of this survey isn't particularly surprising to be honest. Most people are looking for alternative stores of value and as companies like PayPal and the likes continue keying into the cryptocurrency vision, the number of interested eyes will increase.

One interesting thing about this finding is that for once, the emphasis wasn't entirely on Bitcoin. Naturally, Bitcoin will probably take centre stage but this leaves room for smaller projects like hive to attract potential investors.

For millionaires and people with an eye for business, I'm not sure that Hive is an attractive option to invest in right now. However, with some development and efficient marketing campaigns, we could change that.

In hive, we have a sellable product that just needs a bit more push to get to the limelight. Everyone knows about us but now we have to find a way to make sure they never forget us and a key aspect of achieving this dream will be through attracting more users and investors.

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Greetings @belemo.
Extraordinary content, in fact every day we are more convinced that the crypts will be the financial future of humanity, that's where we are going and we have to keep expanding our link with them.
Thank you for sharing such rich content.

Thanks for sharing this, but can i get a link to the article or post that conducted that survey? Also, did you intend to write surgery or survey? Also sir, I guess you intended to write Net worth but there is a possibility that it was a typo or an auto correction, please you can check out the post again and make a few corrections. You have written an amazing post. Please i will appreciate a link to the journal, post or survey.

cheers my friend

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