How to translate subtitle movie using Subtitle Edit application

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What Will I Learn?

When you download the latest foreign films definitely look for subtitle (translation) into the local language. However, not all films are available for translation in the desired language, For that you must change the foreign language translation into the desired language using the Subtitle Edit application.

  • Translating the language
  • edit language
  • how to use the Subtitle Edit app


  • Subtitle Edit 3.4.13
  • subtitle file
  • video files


  • This tutorial is intended to be beginner friendly

Tutorial Contents

Step 1 - Setup 💻
Run Subtitle Edit 3.4.13, which has been install

Step 2 - Setup 💻
Find the location where you saved the subtitle of the movie.

Step 3 - Setup 💻
After the translation file is open then directly select Auto-Translate will have two options
-translate (powered by google)
-translate from swedish to danish (powered by
select the first one translate (powered by google) because it's easier

Step 4 - Setup 💻
Choose language translation, for example I choose english to Indonesia.

Step 4 - Setup 💻
Wait for the translate process to complete
Wait for the translate process to finish Save translation results. Place the same 1 movie file folder, keep the subtitle name the same as the movie file name.

Done Have a nice try.
Thank you for your visit, I hope that what I shared is useful for steemit users.

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