Why I use CRED to Pay my Credit Card Bills?

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A couple of days ago I wrote a small review of the CRED App where I talked about the main stuff we get on CRED so today I am here to talk about why I like to use CRED to manage and pay my Credit Card Bills.

First things first CRED doesn't have access to your Credit Card directly instead it only requires your Credit Card number once and later it tracks all your spending and credit card bills via your email. As you get emails whenever you spend something with your Credit Card as well as get an email when you get your Credit Card Bill. In Short, CRED is one app that tracks almost everything related to your Credit Card and that makes it very easy to Pay your Credit Card Dues and at the same time track your spending.


The next thing would be tracking errors on Credit Card Transactions. If you make any payment outside the area of CRED they do make a note of it and notify us that an undisclosed payment or transaction was made and ask us to confirm if the transaction was made by us or was an Error. Thanks to CRED I did get to dispute two of my transactions which were basically duplicated and I got my money back quickly.


The next thing that I like is the CRED points that I get for paying my Credit Card bills via the CRED App and how these points help me get massive discounts in the CRED Store. In some cases they also give out freebies and items like GoPro for freaking 11 INR as well. But you might have guessed those would be very low in stocks.


Finally, I would also like to say that you can also add multiple Credit Cards to the CRED App and make your Tracking that much easier and you won't have to look up every single Banking App for your Bills and Payments as you get the One Tap Payment feature here on the CRED App.


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