Investing in Syrup Pools

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The start of my Defi Journey was definitely done via Cub Finance but after getting some good results from Cub Finance I also explored Pancake Swap as the second Defi Platform where I invested. Currently, I don't own a lot of positions in both the platforms as I am getting better ROI's at other places but that doesn't mean I don't care about those Platforms. I still have my CUB-BUSD pair churning out CUB tokens every now and then as I just have about 200 USD in the liquidity pool. But just today I found out quite an interesting article on Medium where guys were showing off their earnings from the Auto Compounding Feature of CAKE which seemed quite interesting to me. Apparently, you can earn more than 72% of the ROI that has been given while you do not Reinvest.


I had to test this out so I got any extra cash I had lying around and started staking CAKE with the Auto Compounding turned on. I invested just over 150 USD which gave me around 8 CAKE tokens and I have staked all of them in their Syrup Pools. Now all I have to do is wait and see if this works out as well as the guys on Medium were bragging about. Another reason for making this post is to have a record of what my Investment and ROI's were and that way I can check back to this post to properly check what ROI I am getting from my Investment.


It has been just about half an hour since I did my initial Investment and as you can see the Auto Compounding is in effect as now I have 7.81 CAKE instead of 7.809 CAKE so yeah that's what Auto Compounding looks like. Every few minutes it seems that the CAKE I earn via Staking gets Reinvested in the Pool so that means Compounding is in effect and I also don't have to pay any extra fees to reinvest.

Depending on my result of this I might invest more capital into this and I will also try to use Kingdoms in Cub Finance as well. Let's hope we get some nice returns.



This idea of auto compounding looks quite true and interesting I must confess. But quite the first time I am hearing about the syrup pool.

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