TON Swap, a very interesting DeFi platform

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As I have investigated, Free TON is the continuation of the blockchain project initially by Telegram, which has been left in the hands of the community.

Now with a more established ecosystem, this project has TON swap, a DeFi platform that promises exchanges within the TON network, with very good rates for everyone's pocket.

In addition, Free TON has a protocol that allows between the TON network and Ethereum in a simple way under the name of TON Bridge, promoted by Broxus, a blockchain solutions laboratory and member of the Free DeFi Alliance.

The bridge essentially allows the exchange of the Metamask wallet to the Crystal wallet and vice versa. This bridge mitigates the risks of increasing congestion, transaction times and high fees, making TON Swap a very attractive alternative.

To give you an idea, TON Swap is a decentralized exchange or DEX, for its acronym in English, which allows its users to carry out DeFi operations to provide liquidity and production with tokens belonging to the Free TON network.

Its development comes almost a year after the launch of the Free TON project, which relaunched the abandoned Telegram blockchain called Telegram Open Network and without the collaboration of this messaging company.

With the TON Swap exchange, as expressed on its own website, it seeks to offer much more and cheaper exchanges between tokens, because, compared to Ethereum, the network fees are only 0.01 USD as of today.


If you have the opportunity to interact with a platform or DEX, you will have noticed that to operate from or the native cryptocurrency of the network, you are not using ETH, but an ERC20 token anchored 1: 1 with that of ETH known as WETH or "wrapped" .

Basically the same thing happens in TON. The native cryptocurrency of the network is called TON or TON However, to interact in TON Swap, or in any Dapps built in the network, you must operate with the TIP3 token anchored in TON 1: 1 known as WTON.

If you want to convert TON to WTON or vice versa, you must go to the page. The exchange process is quite simple, as it does not involve putting the amount to be exchanged and validating the transaction from your Crystal wallet. The cost of the exchange is 1 TON.


At first I thought that because TON Swap is on a different network than Ethereum, on which the main DeFi platforms, this platform would not compete "directly" with UniSwap or any other. However, the integration of tools like Bridge makes it a very potential competitor for everyone, as long as the mass of active users increases.

Even if at first and once only once during setup, this may seem a bit, then its use becomes very simple and intuitive.
The operation of provides very simple and hassle-free cash and farming together thanks to an intuitive interface, which makes it very attractive for companies of all experience levels.

In terms of ease of use, TON Swap is, in short, an excellent exchange. Very fast exchanges, almost instant confirmations,low commissions.


I like the point expanded in your post on Ton, i see TON Swap as a community based network also engineered by Broxus as a decentralized exchange that comes bearing convenience, satisfaction while serving as an earning platform that accommodates both expert and novice traders... Well done

Glad to hear about the new development. It seems like ton ecosystem have some similarities with the Tron ecosystem though. Let's see how the project unfold in the near time

I got to know about this defi platform ton swap for the first time and it seems like the project had solid foundation to bring value in space. Decentralized finance and guild farming is one of the segment where people are able to make good money provided they take care of impermanent loss and put the money in right pool. I will study more about this project to see how great it can be for the purpose of investment. Nice post

Sounds good to me, if you see something that happened to me, tell me

Wow, ton swap is really a wonderful project and the most interesting part of it is the low network charge on transactions, thanks alot for this beautiful update I really love it.

I'm glad you like it the way I do