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Before starting this is the page, in case anyone is interested

Cryptocurrency mining platform P2Pool recently allowed a pool to mine Monero under its P2P administrative standard.

P2Pool's XMR mining pool quickly attracted Monero workers. The GitHub repository for this version of the group was released on September 18 of this year, just seven days ago. During this short period of time, P2Pool exceeded TH/s of mining power on this network.

Since its launch, P2Pool has averaged 60TH/s on Monero and has remained among the top 10 groups on this network. These steps taken are not causal results


One aspect that favors this platform over its competitors is that its employees do not pay commission for mining XMR on it. During this time, groups like MineXMR, Nanopool and charge between 1% and 3% commission to anyone who wants to mine.

P2Pool has just launched its group to extract, but it is not that it is a new group just entered the niche. This mining platform was founded in July 2011. Since then in P2Pool, cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin could be mined.


decentralization in Monero mining

The most amazing aspect of P2Pool and what this mining rig does many others is its decentralization. This promotes, on the one hand, the safety of the pool. because this makes you less prone to attacks from people who are encountering On the other hand, the confidence of the miner is also favored, there is less risk of being a victim of the operators who want to take advantage of the situation.

The vast majority of cryptocurrency mining pools in operators that guarantee the operation of everything the operators of a traditional pool have in their hands the power to modify the operation of the pool against the minor.

P2Pool, for its part, has a mined rewards distribution protocol in which everything extracted is distributed among the workers.


Being part of P2Pool was cause for celebration for the Monero team. While this is good news for this cryptocurrency network, the value of XMR in the market has not been affected. During the past week, the highs and lows of the monero price were subject to the general market.

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I don't think I make the list, I would like to mine, but I can't mine. I don't have the equipment for that and I have to invest a lot of money to buy it.

I don't it's a good deal , I have tried to mine with other two big companies genesis mining and hash2pool but I got disipointed when I try to with from the pool. The fees is unexpected very high which make me less profit.

Fir some it will be good investment if you are not trading or don't want to do anything and earn it's a good option.

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