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Bexplus Exchange has launched a wallet that accrues interests so that traders protect themselves from risks. You can get up to 21% annual interest depositing it in your wallet. Interests are calculated every day and there is no dates limit. You can withdraw cash at any time.

Bexplus is a leading criptomones exchange that offers 100 times leveraged futures operations in various pairs of operations: BTC, ETH, ADA, Doge, XRP, etc. No deposit fee or KYC is required to deposit with Bexplus.


Independence: The wallet is independent of the commercial account, so the deposits will not be used as a margin and will not be affected when its position is closed. The transfer between the commercial account and the wallet is snapshot.

High security: The platform uses multi-firms access. All funds transferred from cold storage to the hot wallet are processed manually, which requires the coordination of several employees.

There are no anticipated retirement penalties: Removal requests will be processed within 1 day, without anticipated retirement penalties. If you withdraw your deposit on the 10th of the month, you can still receive accrued interest during this period.

There are no KYC requirements: All records in Bexplus are performed by email verification. You do not have to worry about filtering your information.

The Bexplus wallet is an ideal place for you can get passive income when you are inactive. Simply ignore price fluctuations and keep your wealth!

Bexplus offers a 100% bonus for each deposit made by users. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC on your wallet, you will get 2 BTC. Remember that bonuses can not be removed and can only be used as a margin, but bonuses can be removed.

If you want to know about this page, here the link so that you can see


Hello @apoloo1
First time I hear of this wallet, but anything that doesn't ask for KYC pleases me. And also it generates interest with a good APR, that's very good. It actually generates more profit than having money in a bank generates, much better.
Thanks for sharing this information

Sorry for answering late, but the cold is coming and thank God, I have more work.

Well, as you say, before putting anything I investigated it to see if it was a fraud, and I saw everything correct and as you see I made a deposit to test how it goes.

Perdon por contestar tarde, pero va llegando el frio y gracias a dios, tengo mas trabajo.

Pues como tu bien dices, antes de poner nada la investige para ver si era un fraude, y lo vi todo correcto y como ves hice un deposito para probar como va.

For the first time I am hearing about , I will be definitely check out what the features they are providing , if they have good APR I will definitely try to invest little amount.

I'm glad to read that, I'm also testing it with a deposit that I made, but beware, always invest what you are willing to lose no more.

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