Some considerations on healthy eating.

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Dear readers, food from my perspective is based on the consumption of foods that provide certain nutrients to maintain an efficient way our body, despite having clear these appreciations, there are also some foods that when consumed in excess can cause some alterations in our bodies and are known as junk food in some parts of the world, including some drinks and food that many of us love as hamburgers, pizzas, tequeños, which contains large amounts of fat, calories and sugars that can cause great damage to our body.

Image alluding to junk food

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It is important for each person to keep in mind that at some point in their life they can consume certain amounts of this type of food, but with responsibility and control over their consumption, because if people become addicted it could be detrimental to their health, causing the presence of some pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, circulation problems, among others.

In this same sense, Oliva (2013) established that junk food is defined as those foods of low nutritional value, with high sugar, flour or fat content, such as snacks, soft drinks, pastries, sweets or refined cereals, since fast foods become harmful when they become a habit, since their excess causes an excess of energy, favoring or promoting an increase in body weight.

According to the author, it can be said that junk food causes certain damage to a person's health regardless of his or her age, since, according to some specialists, there have been reports of children and adolescents suffering from heart problems, diabetes or obesity.

Image alluding to obesity

Image design @amestyj, with public domain image taken from Pixabay

For this reason, it is important to have a healthy diet from childhood, so that the body can receive the amount of nutrients it needs and thus avoid an eating disorder that can cause great harm and in some cases even death.

In summary, it is important that each person is responsible when consuming certain foods that contain large amounts of fats or sugars, since, in this way he/she will take care of his/her health, it is necessary to consume foods that contain important nutritional elements such as protein, carbohydrates, water in others, as long as there is a responsible and balanced consumption.

Bibliographic references
Oliva O. (2013). Fast food consumption and obesity, the power of good nutrition on health. Mexico


hello @amestyj,
It is said that we are what we eat and that is very important if as entrepreneurs we only eat sugar and fat we will not have the necessary strength to face the challenges that our businesses present us with, in my country it is very common to see men who manage to make money with illnesses that come from eating very badly.

Greetings my dear friend @trabajosdelsiglo, I agree with you, we are what we eat, when we begin to consume a lot of junk food our body gets out of control and obesity is present many times, which limits our daily actions, because in the end it ends up becoming an impediment for us, although many do not want to accept it.

Have a great week !

Good afternoon. I liked your approach, very useful information. And it's true, successful people who play on the screen come trotting out, it must not be casual, all that is thought out. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your opinion, I'm glad that the content is useful for you.

Have a great week !

Health is wealth in this current situation if you are healthy you will earn a lot of money and keep your family in good condition. If you are not fit you will be like burdon on everyone as you are not earning for that time.

Brother there is a lot of truth in what you say, if we don't have a good health, we will be a burden for our family, that's why we must keep ourselves safe and one way to do it is by eating healthy.

See you later, have a great week !

Good food helps a lot in the determination of a healthy body and a sound mind, if there is something to always look out for, it will be the need to have balanced food always.

I completely agree with you my friend, we must maintain a healthy diet to the best of our ability, we just need to maintain willpower to do it.

See you later, have a great week.

Definitely not only through the mouth dies the fish. Humans have found a way to process so much food, sometimes for convenience, that the results are felt in our health and even more if we add that sometimes we lead a sedentary life. Thanks for the information!

Hello friend, very complete your comment, first of all when you mention that sometimes we eat so much that our body is saturated with many foods, then imagine if it is junk food, it would be a bomb for our body, and in addition to that another thing you mention is to be sedentary, that would complete the deficiency of our human body.

See you later, have a great week.

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