CUB Price is Down and Its Good time to Buy More

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It seems like the market is in bearish mode and with the trend, it has been showing last one week speculation so that bull run is getting over. This year 2021 has been great so far for the currencies because the prices were increasing significantly and bitcoin has made its all-time high with US$65,000 whereas Leo top and has also gone beyond the one-dollar price mark.

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People enjoy high prices going up, but when it starts falling, many of the weak hands try to go away by selling their holdings, which I think is not the right way because if you can enjoy the price hike, you should also hold it when it is going down.


CUB Defi is one of the projects which made me enter in DeFi segment and I can see the price dropping a log and now its at $1.20. I had purchased CUB when the price was $3 and I did multiple buy between the range of 3 to 2.5 USD. After a week when the price was less than 2$ then also purchased some tokens.

My reason for buying CUB is simple because I believe in crypto and the project, so I know that it will do good in the long term and the market price movement is bound to happen. I am trying to arrange some more funds so that I can add more CUB tokens. The market can be either bullish or bearish and whenever its bearish then its time to buy more and HODL unless it shows a decent hike and no matter how much time it takes.

Choosing the right project is very important and if we do, then don't worry about your investment because it might take long but surely grow. I know that CUB Defi is a strong project and while I am buying at less price, its helping me to get more tokens, and also with farming, I can earn even more.

My intimate goal is to have 1000 CUB and with these small buys, I am reaching more closer to my goal. I understand that buying coins in the market is in trade can be risky and people usually avoid doing it because prices can go even more down but I believe taking more years also give the opportunity to earn more.

Here is the snapshot of the current CUB token price and right now it is trading at 1.2 US dollars which is the lowest ever I have seen since its launch. I remember when Leo's price was also noted and $.10 at that time I miss the opportunity to buy more tokens because that time I did not know the potential of the project and it was a mistake.

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I am still keeping an eye on the Leah price but I don't think that it will be reaching that point and if it happens then for sure I will be buying some more tokens to increase my overall holding however in the meantime I am keeping my focus on seeing you be and with more price drop it is giving me the opportunity to add up as much as I can.

Kingdom on CubDefi is coming soon and I expect that it will help the price to grow more and buying prior to this release is a good idea.

What are your thoughts about the current market situation and are you taking the benefits or still waiting for the further price drop.

Thank you so much.


hello @alokkumar121,
the market seems to have finished its bullish period and we are facing a bearish trend, it is also said that with a good strategy you can win in both trends, you just have to establish a medium term strategy that allows you to accumulate the most coins at the best price without much risk.

medium or long-term strategy is helpful to get better returns and minimize risk and loss. thanks for stopping by

hi dear friend @alokkumar121

Choosing the right project is very important and if we do, then don't worry about your investment because it might take long but surely grow.

This fall is worrying, I really did not think that prices would collapse so fast, that fall reminds me of the beginning of the movie saving private ryan, but I hope the market will stabilize, as for choosing a project I chose ADA, but yes You wrote CUB must be very good. I'm going to review that project.

ADA is a nice project and it has done well in past weeks so I am sure you must have made a good profit. CUB is the new but solid project as its by the Leofinace team.

I really wished I had some liquid cash, because now, is the time to buy more of many Alts coin, especially CUB. Awesome article @alokkumar121