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Continuing with yesterday's topic, today I will share with you some information about pruning practices, which is the technique of selecting in each production unit the most vigorous and best located son of the crop, maintaining the sequence mother, son and grandson.

Source ( comerciojusto.)

This helps us to maintain optimum population densities per unit, avoids competition between plants for light, water and nutrients and guarantees a good production of clusters per area during the year.

Regarding weed control, it is recommended that it be done 4 weeks after planting, it is recommended to plant with machetes, in addition, synthetic products or any burners can be applied in the 4-meter row, this mechanical control should be done until the silver is 12 weeks old.

Control of pests and diseases, this occurs before and during the production process, as it involves obtaining seeds from healthy plants, the choice of suitable soil, the continuous survey of the crop and the forecast through chemical means.

Source ( ifad )

As for the fertilization program, at the time of planting, one or two ounces of silver ammonium sulfate is applied, while for established plantations, three applications per year are recommended.

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