Business accounting management and economic stability

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Providing more information about what we have been developing on accounting management, the second step of accounting management is the classification of information, which is a complete record about commercial activities; This step usually involves a large amount of data since, in this way, it is very useful for those who are in charge of making decisions.

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That is why the information must be classified into different categories, grouping separately those transactions that receive money and those that issue it. The last step of accounting management is the summary of information. In this case, for accounting information to be used by those in charge of making commercial decisions in a company, it must be summarized.

In this sense, with regard to economic stability Business is a situation in which the entities do not show large variations in their main macroeconomic indices, where macroeconomic variables intervene in order to study the economic stability of a commercial entity, it is necessary to investigate and analyze the behavior of the economic variables that directly affect within the same.

As experts express it, macroeconomics studies the growth and fluctuations of a country's economy from a broad perspective, that is, a perspective that does not go into too much detail about a particular sector or business.

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In this sense, macroeconomics does not study the actions of certain companies or individuals, but the trend of them as a whole. These actions involve macroeconomic variables such as inflation, exchange rate, interest rate, among others.

Transformational leadership and contextual performance
are the main factors that most influence organizational culture.

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