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On the subject of expenses and taxes and each of the guidelines discussed in the content I uploaded yesterday, it is of great importance that all Venezuelans comply with the aforementioned article, because they will help contribute to the public spending of the country.

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Such as; public services, social welfare and infrastructure (roads, bridges, highways, hospitals, health services, social security, personal safety), hence the importance of taxation as a mechanism for the sustainability of the country.

For this reason, the Venezuelan government significantly considered the creation of the Tax Administration Service, whose purpose would be to increase tax collection, update the national tax structure and promote a tax culture, in order to increase taxpayers' compliance with their obligations and consolidate a public finance system based basically on taxes derived from productive activity.

It should be noted that the tax system in Venezuela has been strengthened with the passing of time, especially since 1999, when it was established that the highest authority in tax matters is the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service (SENIAT), which has faced a historical process of development.

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This agency has undergone a historical process of evolution starting in 1993 with the creation of Venezuelan customs until today, with management autonomy.

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