Is vaccine passport the future and are companies forcing governments to enforce their vaccines only?

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Covid-19 has wrecked havoc for mankind. We have lost millions of people all around the world and economic activities are not in their best. On one hand millions of people died and also millions lost their jobs and are on the verge of hunger and malnutrition. Also, many erstwhile recommended medicines for treatment of covid proved to be ineffective. Hence, we literally have no way to fight against this deadly virus. In this situation vaccination is the ultimate hope for us. That's why governments and companies have no options but, to develop vaccines to fight against this doom.

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Position of approval of covid vaccines

So far many vaccines have been developed and many others are under trial. According to website, so far 16 vaccines have been approved and 346 are under trial. Out of 16 approved vaccines, only a few are acceptable in a large number of countries. Oxford/AstraZeneca 's vaccine is at the first position which is approved by 98 countries and Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine, which is in the second position is approved by only 84 countries so far. Others are under trial in many countries and are not so widely acceptable.

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(You can see the position of approval of vaccines in these screenshots.)

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Vaccine passport

In February 2021, Israel became the first nation which implemented a domestic vaccine certification system. It allows those who have been vaccinated to access certain facilities such as gyms and restaurants, and attend public events. This certificate is now being replicated worldwide to aid full resumption of international air travel. Source

Outcome of vaccine passport

This passport will be issued to those who have been vaccinated for covid-19. That passport contains QR code and by scanning it, authenticity of the passport may be ascertain and it will also reveal other data related to the person who has been vaccinated and holding this passport. This will help the authorities to control the spread of covid and also travelers can travel in other countries without a need of compulsory quarantine.

This seems good but, it also have many drawbacks. It gives us facilities but, it is not so good for the privacy. Also, vaccine of one kind is not acceptable for travelling in some other countries. So, a person who needs to travel in more than one country requires to be vaccinated by the vaccine approved within that country or otherwise he may be expelled or quarantined which will waste his precious time and money. Too much vaccination is harmful for a person and it is costlier as well. So, there must be a consensus among the countries and also uniform system should come into existence so that unnecessary exploitation of the common man may be stopped. It seems that every country is seeing their own interest in vaccination. They are selling their vaccines forcefully. Vaccines are prepared in a short time and considerable tests have not been conducted before their implementation. This suggests that it is done deliberately to profit some companies. Also, companies and governments are not interested in sharing the formulas of vaccines. That's why people are doubtful of this crony capitalist scheme. It is costing precious human lives and also using people as the Gini pigs. This is very unfortunate that profit earning is being given priority over human life.

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We will have to accept a vaccine passport if we want to return back to our normal life, people will do everything for that, and as in my country it's still not suggested but I'm confident that it will happen and I will end up being vaccinated sooner or later.

It may be good but, the way governments are doing is not so good.