HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY : 8 Rules Need To TEACH your KIDS !!!!!.....

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One of the best gifts given to us in this world is to have children. But as we all know, having children is not only beautiful but also difficult and difficult. While you are trying to avoid your children and keep your hands on your hands, your child can be kidnapped by a brutal people who take advantage of your momentary absence, their organs can be stolen and sold, they may be sexually and physically abused and they are exposed to many other bad situations.

Actually, I didn't want to talk about these issues at all, because you turn on your TV every day and get upset enough, get upset enough, and try to do your best so that your own child does not face such events. Do not be with your child at any time.

For example , Of course, your child will go to school one day and in the morning he will start going to and from school alone while you are waving to your child from home. This is exactly why you should explain these 8 rules that many of you know to your children in detail and why they should follow them.


1. Requesting First-aid Uniforms When Asking For Help

We should teach our children the clothes of security, police, and soldiers, and first tell them to ask for help when they leave us and disappear. For example; In crowded environments, our children can disappear from our hands with a moment of thought. In such cases, we must first explain that he disappeared to the first uniform he saw around him, and that he should say the name of the mother and father.

2. Never Accept Food, Beverages Or Gifts From People He Doesn't Know

What children love most are candy, chocolate, colorful balloons or toys. You should teach your children that they should never accept gifts from anyone they do not know, for whatever reason, unless you are with them, so as not to give up on malicious people who use this situation in their favor.

3. Not Chatting And Dating With Older People

Every child should chat with their peers, be friends and play games. For example; In the friendships of a 10-year-old child and a 16-year-old child, there will be more than enough responsibility on the back of the younger, as there will be differences between the game they play and the food they eat, so each child should have a dialogue with his own age.

4. Not Chatting With People You Don't Know

We must teach our children that they should not communicate with people they do not know, unless possible. Never forget that there are thousands of children whose lives are extinguished by people they do not know today.


5. Not Getting Into Motor Vehicles Of People Who Don't Know

Almost every child admires and shows interest in motor vehicles. We must teach our children that people they do not know should not get on their motor vehicles. I said to your children, "Come, let me get you around." You should teach people who say, never to trust, and if possible, to notify you immediately.

6. For whatever reason he / she is required to notify people who are disturbed

Children can sometimes understand what a pair of eyes looking at them are looking at. In such a situation, I recommend that you take this seriously when your child comes to you and says he is afraid or disliked. Because even if you have not noticed, that person may have a positive intention towards your child.


7. Not Wandering Alone in Empty and Deserted Places

Evil always feeds from empty, gloomy, dark environments. Even the most brutal animals either live in deserted places or emerge in the dark. My mom always told me, “The villains go out in the dark and most of the bad things happen in the dark.” He used to say and I never forget that. That is why you should teach your children not to walk alone in deserted places or empty and dark areas and play games.

8. Not Playing and Even Approaching in Construction Areas

Children are curious about everything and want to see and learn new things. But when you tell your children what dangers await them at the construction sites, and when they play in such places, you should tell them how the construction can be destroyed, injured, or how much pain a nail that falls on the ground will suffer, so that they can find out that construction sites are not a good place to play.

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somehow, I disagree with the third one. There a need to relate with older people, it helps speed up growth.

Thanks you stoping by and reading my article.

Very good recommendations, the truth is that the innocence of children is very great and anyone can take advantage of them. That's why home schooling should also be focused on taking care of themselves when mom and dad are not around, so they know what to do in certain situations.

Thanks you stoping by and reading my article.

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