6 Recommendations to optimize the shopping journey.

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How to make the most of every moment of truth in the purchasing process?


ANALYSIS : Each sector and each product has its own purchasing journey and its own moments of truth. Find your WORDS.if you do proper analysis and research you will get good and optimised results.

VISIBILITY : Be visible everywhere. Optimize your site for mobile. Adapt your content to different forms of conversations. Highlight all the useful information and positive opinions about your products and services.visibilty is most important factor if you are visible you increase the chances of sales to the end user.

CREDIBILITY : Questions and information intersect on the different media. Respond to internet users before giving them coupons. Start by inspiring and guiding consumers before you sell them your products.

SPEED & FLEXIBILITY : An annual marketing plan is no longer enough. Your campaigns must evolve throughout the year. You need to favorable to all ifs and buts and you have to decide quickly and not just in crisis communication. currently we all moving to New marketing phase in which celebration last for just 7 days means shopping.

MULTIMEDIA : Use video. Internet users love animations and product demonstrations. Note: 64% of Internet users who saw an advertisement on Youtube have not seen the equivalent TV campaign. The media therefore add up. Better your therefore multiply your points of contact with consumers. Making a video of the product and it's features gives an added advantage to the buyer.

TESTS : Go ahead, test, experiment and gain experience. Think of your digital campaigns as endless beta versions.feedback is very important try to include in your research so that you can improve your products according to the market demand.

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I think you should have used "sales" instead of comparas, I had to read several times to understand that they were sales strategies, but thanks for the contribution to optimize our online business,

Valid words you have here, successful marketing has gone beyond once in a year campaign, it has become a venture that requires continuous effort and timely contribution to appear everywhere.