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Hi guys, this post gonna be related to cryptocurrencies. If you are interested then read it.

This time there are two things in which we can have a successful field. I know there are much field, but these two fields can give you a benefit if you are being smarter. If anyone know more other, tell me in comments and I will try adding them in my tasks. But the two fields are:

Crypto currency: (Trading, mining, earning).

Digital Marketing.

But I am here with some words for the first topic. Actually it is my favorite one to write, earn and know. Lets begin!



You have listened this name (Pi) in your lives, but you are thinking now where. Some of you will think about the currency first, but I wanna add some lines from Google, and then you will get it.

The number π is a mathematical constant. It is defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and it also has various equivalent definitions. It appears in many formulas in all areas of mathematics and physics. It is approximately equal to 3.14159. Source

You got it, this first we ever listened in Geometry as well as in Mathematics. But I am here to introduce a currency name Pi, actually I am not introducing it. I am just sharing the details about Pi I have.

What is Pi: (Upcoming Crypto-Currency)

Pi is a currency, which is now inactivate in marketcap, but soon it will active. It is the first crypto currency which can be mined while using Android. Before it's launch the currency have a great option to mine it and you can also increase the earning and mining level of your Pi with referring your friend.
Now a days, no one want to left behind from the crypto currencies and specially that currency which is totally free and easy to earn.
Nowadays Bitcoin is king of all crypto currencies, or we made it. So it is very expensive to mine it, and it is getting more harder and expensive now. As you know this type of offer we did not got for Bitcoin ever, we did not mined Bitcoin in Android. Pi is giving us this opportunity, and this is big.
It is totally free mining and easy to mine in Android, while not any battery or any other loss. You can join the Pi mining here: https://minepi.com/. You can easily download the app from Play Store and then you just have to login with phone number or Facebook. If it requires a referral must, so you can add (abdt). But keep in mind I didn't shared any referral link, just telling you the app must requires a referral before allowing us to mine.
Soon it will be available to mine Pi in PC.
This currency is famous in "From and by the people".

How Much 1 Pi Can Worth:

The worth of Pi is on us, as we made the BTC too worthy. Yes, the traders can make any currency a king, or a slave. If we predict by the users of Pi, it can be launched on $0.40 to up and up. Some people are saying it the future Bitcoin competitor, or some people are comprising it with ETH on YouTube. I have simply defined how it can compete, it is just on users and traders. How much Pi can get the users, and how much it can get traded, decide it future price.
I will advice you to download the app and try mining some Pi for free, because if this can compete Bitcoin then you will be lucky. Otherwise it is not any investment program, to disappoint on price of Pi.


In last I am very thankful to #projecthope community, @crypto.piotr and @juanmolina sir. Hope the "Hope" support me. :]]
Now I am setting the @ph-fund account for 50% beneficiary.


I was one of the first miners of the PI cryptocurrency, got bored along the way. not sure I can restore the wallet, but it does seem like a cool project.

You left the wallet?.

yeah, kind of, had many. the mining rate was higher at the time

It is sad. I hope you can get'em back.

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This is the second article about PI that I have read today.
This project is really interesting, I will have to find out more thoroughly.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I am thinking I also did know some late. Because the application is working from August or July. Thank you for reading.

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Now I am setting the @ph-fund account for 50% beneficiary.

Without intention to scare you... Why you did that?

Because I did set @ph-fund every time 25%, this time I thought for 50.

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I surely appreciate it @abdt

Solid upvote on the way :))

Thank you sir.

Thanks for sharing I've been mining pi for couple of months now, hoping to see pi listed on exchange platform.
It has millions of users currently mining from pi app.
Mining with low power consumption don't require much electricity and processor pi is covering a wide users adoption.
Thanks to team behind such idea.

Yes, I am waiting too. And right this is the first currency which can be mine in mobile with low electricity and processor. Thank you for valuable comment.