The diarygame | betterlife : 1st/09/2021 - My wednesday

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I did some physical workout at 8am for about an hour including 120 pushups plus, 120 frog jumps and some stretch up. Since i had a lot of dirty clothes, i decided to wash them. Finished off the washing at around mid-day.

I then mopped the house, washed utensils. Prepared and had my late breakfast at around 1pm.

I did some research work on the first topic i am going to be sharing in the coming season 4 of the steemit Crypto Academy.

Played around with my neighbours dog called Snowee. His really a nice dog. Very clever and playful. I enjoy his company a lot whenever i am abit bored at home.


I ordered for a kilogram of pork and Matooke from one of the pork joints in the area. It was fried well and had a great tasty. I enjoyed it to the fullest.

I rested abit for an hour in my sitting room chairs since i was feeling exhausted and sleepy.

Later in the evening at around 6pm i did more workout. I did 3 sets of 40 pushups making it a total number of 120pushups.

I then prepared some passion fruit juice using a blender. Took the juice to refresh up my body.

Checked on my TikTok account. It has now grown to 1400 followers. I watched and participated in some grow live video sessions of different users. I was able to acquire some new followers from those that were attending the sessions.

I spent the day at home trying put many things in order.


Your dog brought me in. He is so cute..

It has now grown to 1400 followers.

wow.. can you share it with me?

 5 months ago 


My TikTok username is @yohan2on2

Wow, this very nice, you've gat a very cute dog . please help me with my verification @yohan2on

Awwwwww... Cute dog. I admire dogs when I look at them but I fear them coz I had a dog-chase experience where the dog caught up with me and bit me🤣🤣

I also have a dog and I spend all day with him and I have incredible fun while spending time with him. Your neighbor's dog is cute too🤩

Thank you for all the supports you have given to Steem Sri Lanka ! This little souvenir to celebrate your generosity... We wish you all the success!


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