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Hello everyone there. Hope all is well and move on as planned. So today am here to share with you my new day activities. So today I really a happy day to me. As I celebrate my best friend introduction ceremony. So I woke up early in the morning since I had a program.

So I went to town early in the morning and so I had to go for makeup from pretty sera who is a good makeup artist. So she worked on me very well and really I looked nice. There after I had to go on and got my dress for the day. After there I looked hot for the day.

So I went to Ntinda where the introduction was and so I found when they had decorated and really the place looked so hot and wooow. So after I had to sit in the tent to wait for the ceremony to start. So people arrived and so it started officially. So there came the bride but she was really smart for the day. She was really happy and everyone was really so beautiful for the day. Then her husband came in who was also handsome in his wear. All the changing attires were really nice and so I admired this function. And so the introduction moved on as planned and ended so I had to go back home.


When I reached home I then had to iron my clothes and then after I had to prepare them in the closet and that I had to see some news on the television as to see some updates in my country.
And so that I how I managed to finish up my day thank you for your time.


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