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Hello team uganda
Hope all is moving on well and on my side am pretty fine and good.
I want to join you thank God for bringing us up to this far and also being there with us till now. Allow me share with you my diary as I have spent my day today.

So today I had a program of waking up early and I go to see my friend whom I studied with and she gave birth so I had to go and see her. So I woke up and prepared early since I had to first go to town to buy for the baby some diapers and also some clothes but at the same time I had to buy some other staff like soap, sugar,among others since after there I had to go and see my other friends.

So after that I boarded a taxi so that I can reach in time. The taxi dropped me on the way and then I had to get a motorcycle cycle to drop me up to her home. I reached safely but unfortunately I found the baby asleep and then my friend was really happy to see me. So we had to sit down and Jazz since really it has been a great long time. She also gave me some advise about marriage since we are all grown up.




After that I had to give the baby his gifts because she gave birth to a baby bouncing boy. Then I had to set off to another destination. When I reached there that were really happy to see me and then I was given lunch and so we ate some meat and bananas plus rice but they were really delicious.


When I finished food we had to go into jazz and am there were also some young girls who were also making me happy.
As I was dotted they gave me a hen as a gift of thanking me for thanking me to come. And also being a great friend. To them and really guys as I tell you making friend ship is really a great deal. So after it clocked to late in the evening and so I could not go back home
And so I had to sleep over.

They hav some the mattress and bed sheets which I used to lay for my self in the visitor’s room and so I had to sleep because I was really tired the whole day. And that is how I managed to spend off my day today thank you for your time.


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