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The world today is in chaos: Australia is burning, the ice caps are melting, and our leaders are marching us headstrong into WW III while we wildly cheer them on. It's a mad, scary world out there. Shootings. Drugs. Opioids. Kardashians. When will it all end?

I've figured out how to make the world a little less scary for everyone involved: googly-eyes. Yes. Google eyes. The next time you see your leader trying to scare you into action, view this leader through the lens of googly eyes, and what they say is suddenly much less scary, allowing you time to provide yourself some rational thought.


This was a collage of four days of newspaper clippings, with many more still on the floor and having not made the cut like a useless piece of film that doesn't add to the final story.

Here is a clip of Tom Brady, having not made the cut (this might be the only time you hear that statement of him)


Here is a clip of Donald Trump saying whatever it is that Donald Trump says.


Other random clippings on the floor.


It's all about her hair! I'm sure it's a very hairy situation.


And of course, my package of googly eyes, useful for so many purposes.


After literally - physically - cutting and pasting the images and text onto a sheet of paper and googly-eyeing them accordingly, I photographed the collage and GIMP'ed it a little to add the background. Then I took a few more images to really bring out the eyes. The eyes! Remember, the eyes are the mirror to the soul.




(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe

(design by remyrequinart:


Oh you are a natural to get in the googly eyes contests with @googlyeyes. They run a weekly contest and you seem to be a good contender so check out #GooglyEyes.

Yes, that's a great idea! Thanks!

I need a box of varying sized googly eyes too! They do give things a better perspective in 9 out of 10 cases I'm sure!

It's true! It's even good for the kids. Come home with a less-than-stellar grade on a report? Put googlyeyes on it!

This is hilarious! And yes, it definitely worked to make the headline and news less scary. Do you put googly eyes on things often? That collection you have of them is impressive. Thanks for the good laughs and your sardonic wit. I really enjoyed this post

You're very welcome, and thanks for the nice comments! I have a habit of putting these where they don't belong. I even put them on the toilet once - "It's watching you."

Googly eyes does make things a little less scary. News these days doesn't get any better. Your collage is a break from all the madness. Cheers!

Thanks! Googly eyes are the best. I'm putting them everywhere now!

Hahaha, love this! We need to keep our sense of humor otherwise we could go quite crazy as well:):)

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Yes, exactly. It all looks just a little less threatening. :)

LOL. Really original and funny. People definitely need to humor some things before they activate any mode.

We all need to take ourselves a little less seriously sometimes, particularly when the leaders speak!

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Haha! I would never have believed it, but, somehow those googly eyes just made it not so scary. LOL

Way to go, Victor! @wwwiebe!

Good luck with the contest. You are clearly leaning towards the winner's circle for me!


Hee! Thank you very much! There's some pretty stiff competition out there, but... googlyeyes!

I know, right? I hope you entered the Gogglyeyes contest also!

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You can play a lot with th newspaper clippings and create surreal yet very contemporary with the current event compositions, great idea:) The googly eyes and google connection is perfect:) Thank you so much for taking part:)

Thank you for running it! I hope you get to do it again; I know I'll personally be able to do better next time.

I will make the contest a regular for sure and i have some ideas for the future, things will get interesting:)


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That’s a great googly 👁 entry WW. 👁 Good luck in the contest. 👁 😊

A very good effort here to lighten things up a bit with the googlies my friend.
Very few newspapers will be sold if the readers could look at them with googly eyes.
Good luck in the contest!

Thank you very much!

Only a pleasure my friend.

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How creative! 😁😁😁

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That box ! Alll sizes!!!! I have to admitt I am so going to look for that hahahahah and why not enter the googlyeyes and the googly prize ? And don’t forget the tag change

I've got another idea for the contest. Soon there will be googly eyes everywhere!

You're amazing.

Haha this is awesome! Googly eyes really do make everything better 👀

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Thank you! They can even be used as a public speaking tool: "if nervous on stage, imagine your audience with googly eyes." :)

Ha ha! That's an awesome idea. Donald Trump with Googly eyes. Nancy Pelosi. Any of the talking heads. Give them all googly-eyes!

Exactly! lol. Thanks!

Hahaha, great idea! This is a very good recipe.
I have many googly eyes to play with children. But now I will use them to censor the press:)))

As we should all do. :) lol!

We all must find our own way to cope! This is as good as any! 😁

Thank you for the smile, @wwwiebe. These are challenging times, but the world has known many of them, and we must keep our spirits up and not fall victim to “the sky is falling” mentality, which I believe makes us even less likely to be ready for the next bad thing!

It's really important, I think, to keep our humour about us and know that better days are ahead, and we're better than the people who lead us

Victor, you crack me up!

That is just what I needed. And the googly eyes on Trump? Just perfect.

LOL! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Congratulations @wwwiebe!
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Awesome, thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing. You have to laugh to keep from crying these days with the turmoil worldwide on all fronts.

lol...this is freaking hilarious sir wwwiebe, great job! Tom Brady didn't make the cut! lol.