Snowfields at Sunset in Snowuary 📷

in Paramotorlast month

Please join me sharing more pictures, info and video links about paramotoring, its an awesome sport, one I just got into and love this year and plan to continue to capture photos from the sky, with this new perspective on the landscapes around me.

With this post, I have a few pics from a chase camera view, which really shows the awesome views you can enjoy from a paramotor.

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Massive river valleys filled with ice and cold smooth air. Fun being able to fly above the river without the usual water risk, as its all frozen over.

Up high 400m practicing harder banked turns, where I'm just starting to get horizontal. What a blast!

Cruising back down towards the river for some low flying sessions.

The smallest church I've ever seen, with an awesome distant sun rise hsading all the snow drifts down below.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, I sure enjoyed taking them!


THanks @faisalamin, it is a pretty awesome experience, I wish more people can enjoy it sometime in their lives.