1st May Labour Day II. Towards the river

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Nat was going to take pictures against the river, or by the river, or what was her plan. Nick missed fishing as well, so we agreed to made a short walk to the river.


We come here not often, and always short in time, so we usually work in the house and garden, not relaxing by the river. Although it is in 5-10 min walk from the facility. Besides, the way is quite beautiful, in its way.




The river we were looking for is Prut which in Ukrainian means a twig. I remember how dangerous it can be, when in 2008 it smashed away a few bridges, including that one we used to drive on. In the same year, 2008, a temporary bridge was built. 12 years ago. Guess what? They still use it, old and corroded. We went over that bridge forth and back. Although it is the middle of spring, the river has become shallow.


We went out on the outskirts of the village. The river is just behind those bushes. This is what we all thought. But instead of the river, there was a large meadow. The road forked and went into the thickets of trees. We kept going. Behind the trees, we found yet another clearing, piles of garbage, and other proof the presence of humans. But we could not see where the trees end. And the sound of water was also not heard. Although we knew for sure that the river was somewhere here. After wandering around, we gave up and turned around toward home. We didn't find the river, it was weird and we were disappointed. Seemed that it has much changed the course.



It was turning cloudy, time to get back and finish that had to be done. I took a few more photos before returning and ... I think this is all.



Thank you for the visit! And have a great start of the week!


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