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I have a bunch of captures to share with you from the weekend... maybe I'll do another shipspotting post tomorrow.


But today, I wanted to celebrate the first salty ship of the season to sail up the St. Clair - on her way to Sault Ste Marie. This is the Federal Cedar, a 656-foot bulk carrier operated by Federal Navigation. Built in 2016 in Oshima, Japan, she carries 41,000 tons of cargo (often grain) and has a top speed of 14 knots (around 16 mph).

(Video from Federal Cedar passing Montreal, Quebec, on her way up the St. Lawrence Seaway.)

First, she passed through Boatnerd's Detroit camera...


About three hours later, she passed the Algonac, Michigan, camera, where she met Mesabi Miner (who is 1000 feet long.)




Shortly after she left the Algonac camera, she was on the Marine City, Michigan, camera.


Super ships captured her as well.

From Marine City, it's about two hours to the Port Huron, Michigan cameras. At this point, she was closely following Canadian Steamship Lines' ship CSL Assiniboine.



I started with the Streamtime cameras since the position is usually better, but sometimes the cameras don't focus where I want them to and they missed this awesome twofer with CSL Assiniboine - a great picture, but it could have been awesome.


Switching back to a Boatnerd camera, I captured the feature photo (at top) and then noticed this crew person on the rigging... What a great place as long as you don't have acrophobia or vertigo!



A final glimpse from Boatnerd's camera as CSL Assiniboine goes under the bridge at Port Huron and Federal Cedar follows.

As you can see below (Detroit camera), most of the Federal Navigation ships sail under the Marshall Islands flag.


Have a safe voyage to Sault Ste Marie!

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Today's images are from:
Boatnerd - Port Huron, Michigan
Boatnerd - Detroit, Michigan
StreamTime Live - Port Huron, Michigan
StreamTime Live - Marine City, Michigan
StreamTime Live - Algonac, Michigan
The sharing of the pictures/cameras is encouraged for the education and enjoyment of all. Please take a look at these cameras on YouTube.

Note: Boatnerd also hosts shipping news, huge amounts of data about almost any "laker" and even many of the "saltie" visitors - and even a book called "Know Your Ships". I would encourage supporting his great work, especially as he has plans to add more cameras in 2021.

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