Endurance: A Reason Not To Try

in OCD2 years ago


A new day of my given life sentence

A judgment made by an unseen essence

Against my effort to make a difference

My own manner of resistance

To man's self engineered ignorance.

All I did was to try showing people how much we needed violence

If we ever hoped for true independence,

How much we needed violence

If we hoped for a chance at regaining the balance.

We would have to fight for our freedom,

We would have to take vengeance,

We would have to snap out of this pretense

Of a manageable world,

And make true meaning of our existence.

But with everything said and done,

They were left with total indifference,

They resisted my act of deliverance,

They said they believed in only two things,

Endurance and patience.

attention: cover image is a property of pixabay.com


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