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Last night, I watched "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe. It's one of my favorite movies. I’ve seen it a few times, but this time I caught a line from Tom Cruise that spoke to me.

"I do not presume to understand the course of my life. I know I am grateful to have partaken of this, even if for a moment.”

That's how I feel about everything right now. I am writing this article to you, my wonderful followers, as I listen to the waves of the Indian Ocean smash against the Mombasa coastline.

Thousands of people around the world know my name and look to me as a source of guidance and inspiration.

Growing up where and how I did, I was never quite sure what would become of my future. I am simply grateful that I have lived a rich life, avoided making some big mistakes, learned from everything I've encountered, and managed to make it here in one piece.

Above all, I'm grateful that the steemit blockchain exists.

It's allowed me to live a life where I can engage and interact with people around the world from anywhere in the world and monetize in the process.

Whether it be from the jungles of Mau, the mountains of Kirinyaga, or coasts of Diani, I can take what I've learned the hard way and break it down so that you can learn it the easy way.

I get to make a decent living and have a massive impact, all by being myself. I am simply grateful you all care to read my words.

After thinking long about that quote, what it means to me, and how lucky I am, I've decided to participate in the How Has Steem Impacted Your Life Initiative by @theycallmedan and open up my thoughts early. You guys have seen me talk about it, but now I’m gonna break it down a little more for you.


See, there's nothing particularly special about me. The only difference between me and a lot of other content creators on the steemit community is that I know how to do three things:

  1. I know how to use Steemit instead having it use me
  2. I know how to present the unique lessons from my life in a way that people can learn from and relate to
  3. I know how to be myself in a way that doesn’t sacrifice myself

But this all comes after living life and gaining some experience. The good news is that experience is relative.

As long as you don’t misrepresent, exaggerate, or embellish what you’ve done or know, then you can easily make a living being yourself as well on steemit.

Most people aren’t interested in building an enriched steemit account, but everyone can benefit from some of the skills I teach inside PowerfulPersonal Branding. Learn:

✓ The basics of selling yourself and telling stories. This is essential, as stories convey information and information sells through different steemit initiatives like #promo-steem #posh.

✓ How to get started blogging your skills. I’ve ghostwritten posts, tutored communication skills, and wrote articles for steemit accounts that sell things. This was all steemit work I had to look for, and I will teach you how to do the same.

✓ How to quickly build and design your steem power from scratch.

✓ How to quickly create a tokenized uncensored video using @threespeak. YouTube is dead. Learn how to quickly produce, deliver, and profit from what’s already in your mind.

✓ Interviews, classes, courses, and video lessons I personally deliver to be continually updated. There is also a plethora of other interviews with other personal brand leaders and I hold in the highest respect

✓ Different community hives where you can swap ideas, pose your questions directly to your followers, and get access to a massive network.
These are the hives where I finally get to give back all of my knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Remember, I’m the guy who originally hated the concept of a tokenization, but now I must admit that it’s something I’m better at than most people. And I love to teach, learn and deliver knowledge.

The steemers i follow have been working really hard to get people more time to this blockchain of abundance and get a taste of what’s to come in the future.

The big thing now on the self-improvement side of the internet is to recommend that you don't follow your passions. Instead, develop skills.

The advice started with computer scientist and learning expert Cal Newport.
I get the idea:
your passion for art won't pay the bills, but if you become skilled at something with a better pay day, your performance may lead you to fall in love with it one day.

When I was first introduced to this community blockchain, I completely agreed. Not only did it make intuitive sense, it was a sexy new idea. It was like Scott Adams' idea of "Systems over goals". It was a new way of looking at an all problem from a successful person's point of view. As a result, many of us start repeating it like gospel.

Then I started blogging.

I think pursuing skills to the point where you're only chasing a check is just as ridiculous as chasing a passion regardless of how little money there is in it. If you hate programming but you do it because it's a guaranteed job, you'll be just as miserable as someone who's passion is slam poetry and they have work overtime to make rent.

Which brings me to my meta-lesson:
The beautiful truth about living in the 21st century is that you have a lot of ways to pursue your passions. My passion is steeming. However, to pursue that, I've had to learn a slew of supporting skills that I am NOT passionate about. However, they support my passion.

Don't find a skill to learn and fake passion about it. Instead, pursue your passion but figure out how to make money from it.

This will almost certainly require you to learn some things you'd rather avoid. However, you'll able to stomach them because it's to support further enjoyment of your passions. The nice thing about this approach is that you'll also learn skills that you can earn a living from in pursuit of your passion without compromising too much time.

This time to focus on your passion is the most important. Focus on what you are good at. Do that. Only do that and do it better than anyone else. Always remember that riches are made from niches.

You want to focus as much as you can, but when you can't, make sure that what consumes your time contributes as much to your passion as possible. If you can do this, you'll be unstoppable in the pursuit of your Steemit dreams.

The implementation & execution is up to you.

Till tomorrow



It's been a great ride hasn't it. Love your energy and your dedication man.

Surely it has. Thank you for the heart-warming compliment. It gives me more psych and morale.

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