On the way to bride's home (My wedding video, at a rural part in India)

in OCDlast year

Exactly about 4 days back I wrote a post about the day I got married. I have included many photos from my big day with a not so bad description. The other day as I was watching my wedding video I was impressed by a part where we newly married couple were heading towards the bride's home in a procession.

As you can see here some relatives and friends were assisting us in our journey. We received a grand welcome at the Bride's home. Bride's sisters were in the front to take Arti with light. We had to go through several other rituals as well and in short, we were obeying others.

The main thing in this video is several temple visits we make. We had to visit almost each and every temple present in the village and split open one coconut in all these temples. This is a ritual very common among Hindus in this part of our country.

People regard their died parents as Gods and start to worship their photos soon after their death. It is the continuation of the belief prevalent here that 'Parents are living Gods'. We were asked to show our respect to the photo of her grandparents who had died a long ago!

The day, as one could expect, was extremely hectic for us with all these rituals. The thing that we generously spend some money on photography and videography now allows us to revisit those moments while sitting at home!

Do let me know if you found these rituals interesting :)