Life is not Fair ! The sooner you realize and accept this Notion the better off you will be.

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If anything the Corona virus and the innocent victims it has claimed has demonstrated that Life can be cruel and twisted and just not fair.

Personally, I have come to accept this notion. But as much as I say that I have to admit that at times I do find myself lashing
out with anger and dismay when something really bad happens to me.

Going through a stroke back in 2003 as well as experiencing major clinical depression just a couple of years ago, will tend to do that to a person.

I ask why me ,why this pain and misery ??

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People...

Thinking about why bad things happen to good people I come up with this form of reasoning. And to expand , this is how I navigate the rough waters of Life and from what I've seen how others get through the tough times as well.
It's pretty simple : What does not kill you will make you stronger. I know it sounds cliche but there is a reason for that. Because it is the Truth,

And I also believe that there is a God that lets us experience the bad times so we can appreciate the good times that much more. Make them sweeter so to speak.

If Life was Easy Peasey

Let's face it if Life were peaches and roses 24/7 365 days of our lives every moment would be a good moment thus it would not
be as enriching or fulfilling ( these continual and everlasting good moments that is ).

So the tough times ( if we survive) are there for this reason. In essence to enjoy the good times that much more. That is just my opinion. You can take it or leave it.

But if you do decide to bitch and moan and self loathe about all the bad and unfair things in your Life , chances are you will probably miss out on the beautiful moments that become sweet as candy.

Best Regards,
Robert Andrew


Life is not fair, no doubt about it. Just seems like someone always has it better and someone always has it worse. I just try to help some along the way..

Makes me think of The Matrix and how the AI initially had a utopia for the humans to live in and their brains couldn't process it. It was just too much for them.

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