How has Steem impacted my life

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How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative

More than two years have passed since I became part of the Steemit family, and many years may continue to pass and I will never be able to forget all the experiences I have lived since my beginnings on this platform that for me has been a temple, a place where I have been able to heal, learn, make mistakes/admit mistakes/surpass myself, achieve security from me, among many other things that I will tell you.

Months before meeting Steemit, one of the things that has impacted my life, I had a strong traffic accident in which I could have lost my life, it was the first time I had an accident and to be the first I want it to be the last because if you do not die from a blow, the scare and the seconds of agony can kill you and leave you marked by a good time. From that moment my life changed completely, it was very hard for me to be a person who could express some kind of happiness or empathy, I was simply submerged between depression and guilt.

Many know that the situation in Venezuela is very critical in every way, and to have a material loss as important as a car (which allows you to work and get some income to survive) is a luxury or rather a misfortune such as being in bad health, because we cannot cover the sun with a finger, without money there is no food, without food there is no health, and without health there is simply no life. And by that time I was still in college and couldn't have a job other than helping my father with transportation logistics. Even though it wasn't my fault the accident, in a way I've always felt guilty about intensifying our economic problems. And it really did, there were no more jobs and the credit cards were drowning in debt.

I was struggling between depression and the reality of life.

Until two years ago, in December, someone very close to me recommended Steemit to vent my frustrations and depression through literature, but also as a way to help my family financially.

In that process of adaptation, I was able to put into practice my little knowledge of html and markdown codes since I studied up to the 5th semester of Systems Engineering, something that I never thought I would put into practice or that would serve me at some point in my life, the fact that this platform demanded excellence in my publications and therefore put into practice all my knowledge and new research, made the spark inside me ignite, since I have always loved to study and learn new things, but that had been tarnished by the depression I was suffering.


Once I adapted, in the process of getting to know communities and making myself known, it was the real beginning of the change in my life.

I met the person who is now my best friend, a mother, a treasure, a teacher, a whole for me; she is @nelyp, one of the few people who welcomed me to Steemit and who was also part of the hope that I was so eager to find.

This special person is part of Steemit, that's why I always say that this platform is not only the publications, the curation and the votes, the dramas and the disputes, Steemit is also a rich source of connection with the people who are part of it.

She, like many people, with her warmth and support has helped me to something as valuable as life and health, I was medicated for depression and sleep, but with time and with the help of this connection that I was able to make with each of these people I was able to overcome myself medically and put aside those prescriptions. I went from being a lonely person to someone who was really happy about the things I was doing and very outgoing.

I graduated as a public accountant


The benefit of being able to do something you like, work on what really fills you as a person, is rewarding, however, I must say that much more rewarding for me was having the opportunity to meet Steemit in my time of study, as it allowed me to pay for the last semesters of my career. For me this achievement is not only due to my parents, God and me, but also to the people within Steemit and the same platform for the support in general that I could have to finish this important stage of my life.

Steemit is more than votes


As I had said before, Steemit was the ideal place for me to get back to my life and my feelings. There are not only leaders, curators and users, there are people behind a computer who feel and live the same things you do, who express their life and make you feel at home, listen to you and help you with total sincerity. Although many see it as something simple or perhaps silly, for me it is very important this change that allowed me to Steemit in my life, in general, more than just in a financial way, through those moments that I could connect with people and feel that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to get back into a car, and drive, for me after the accident was a torture. Steemit being a life expectancy for me, and a tool to achieve my goals, became something very effective in my life, something that always kept me busy but very motivated.


Just as my social life began to change online, I also began to make new friends and share the beauty of life with them.


Whether it is sharing a simple soda, ice cream or fast food, I have always been grateful to this platform that has allowed me to be and do who I really am and what I like to do.

The experience and gratitude

This platform has given me the opportunity to work with Hispanic projects such as @cervantes and @templo. I will always be grateful for everything I learned within these projects, from the negative and positive moments there is always an important learning for the future.

I am currently curator of @ocd and it has been a goal achieved, for a long time I wanted to be there doing something important for and by the community and it is really great for me to be able to put into practice everything I have learned and be as integral but at the same time professional as possible when it comes to being the curator of the Spanish language publications, of my community.

There are many things with great value for me within this platform, it has been my first experience with the world of crypto coins, but without a doubt until now I have not known a blockchain as integral as this one in spite of the difficulties that we face every day. Personally I must say that steemit is a hope, something achieved thanks to its first members and investors, to the initiatives and projects that make life in this network, every grain of sand is an important witness of this great ocean.

Steemit is my main source of income, which has allowed me to become independent and collaborate with my family, something that I cannot achieve by trying to work in my country. The cost of living here is very high, but Steemit is undoubtedly a valuable hope for us because I know that like me, many of you have been able to breathe a little peace when you see the monetary benefit it gives you for your work and your creativity.

You could say that Steemit has been my path to achieving my goals and making dreams come true.

All the pictures were taken with a Samsung A30, which, by the way, I bought thanks to Steemit and has allowed me to experiment a little bit as an amateur photographer, just as I was able to buy a somewhat old laptop but which has fought alongside me to stay active within Steemit.

Please don't use tipu, it sucks.


Tu historia es muy inspiradora. Nadie sabe lo que hay detrás de una sonrisa.
Estoy segura de que eres mucho más fuerte que ayer y que cada ángel en tu camino, es para recordarte que no estás solo y guiarte de la mano, mientras lo necesites.
Un abrazo.

Que hermoso comentario, gracias 💙

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A veces te quiero matar y lo sabes jajaja (como por este post en inglés, por ejemplo lol). Otras me derrites el corazón. Te amo y es pa siempre, seas como seas y hagas lo que hagas <3

Jajaja oups, pero es que no me tienen paciencia 😂, tu conciencia te debe decir ayuda al pobre, tienes su pk jaja pero tu nooooo, también te amo mucho bo boo 💙

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Bonita historia! Un placer haber podido ser parte de ella. Saludos, P.

Muchas gracias, a pesar de todas las cosas positivas y negativas como he dicho anteriormente, uno siempre debe recordar de donde viene, quien te dio la bienvenida y la primera acogida, y sin duda lo conseguí fue con ustedes y entre ustedes :) así que siempre agradecido.

Hola @roadstories que gusto saber que eres venezolano, me enorgullece saber que aun existe mucha juventud luchadora, creativa, honesta que se esfuerza por salir adelante.

Que linda historia con un comienzo triste pero un final feliz, jejejej gracias por compartirla, un abrazo desde Aragua.

Hola preciosa :) gracias, mira nosotros debemos regresar a los viejos tiempos a pesar de la situación, nosotros los Venezolanos siempre hemos sido personas humildes, cálidas y muy trabajadoras, entonces a pesar de las imperfecciones y los errores que podamos cometer, lo mejor que podemos hacer es seguir siendo luchadores y mejorar, intentar dar el mejor ejemplo posible.

Un abrazo.

Que lindo!! gracias, otro abrazo de regreso grandote.

Saludos Roadstories. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones por todos tus logros.
Todo lo que cuentas en tu stories, son verdades que a otros usuarios venezolanos posiblemente también la haya pasado con sus variantes. Steemit salvo a más de uno economicamente.
Un gran abgrazo y que continua con sus exitos

Como lo he dicho esta plataforma es mi esperanza así como la de muchos de mis hermanos Venezolanos y no solo en lo económico, indirectamente nos ayuda a despejar nuestras mentes y un tanto de nuestras preocupaciones diarias; gracias por tu comentario, un abrazo.

And I thought I was the one who used to write inspirational stuff...Simply amazing read.

Please don't use tipu, it sucks.

I second that

Thank you really, I feel a bit honored and more for the publication you made a few hours ago, it really moves me in a way. Regarding tipu, maybe I'm generalizing a bit with that comment, but I think many know that 2 million sp can be used in a better way and that users who use it can do it in a better way too, there are things I see wrong. So I don't want my posts to be used for a "curation" interest.

This is so inspirational @roadstories. I'm glad you chose the path of survival. We need many more people like you here on Steemit. Thanks for your contribution!

I'm glad you chose the path of survival

When I read this, my eyes filled with tears, it was as if you were saying "thank you for living, because you are worth a lot", and although perhaps it was not the message you wanted to convey, I felt it, so thank you very much.

That was exactly how I meant it. You’re welcome, man!

This is a great story and I'm glad you made some good progress here on Steemit. You are undoubtedly an inspiration and a true leader here on the Steemit Platform, a great example for others to learn from you and follow your lead. 😀👍💪

Maybe I have a long way to go to be a real leader here, so I'm grateful for what you said. Our lives, and our experiences, as long as we dare to tell them knowing that there are more people going through the same situations, is the starting point to be inspiring people, and I'm sure there are many people who have many anecdotes and stories to tell. I'm just a small, inspiring part of this ocean.

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thanks you so much.

God bless you always, dear one.

Amen, thank u.

Amigo, tal vez las circunstancias en que nos conocimos fueron difíciles pero puedo decir que eres un gran ser humano, además de sincero, este camino te llevó a conocer gente maravillosa que a pesar de las distancias nos podemos conectar y hasta un simple "hola", puede cambiar eñ rumbo, muchas cosa que contar se necesitan muchos capitulos pero un resumen esta bien me encata comocerte y cuentas conmigo siempre un beso 😘

De verdad que no importa en la situación en la que nos conectamos, tu calidez, humildad y cariño cruza fronteras y kilómetros, gracias de verdad por tu atención y cariño hacia mi, que Dios te lo triplique en bendiciones cariño, un abrazo y beso para ti.

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Guao qué gran historia! Creo que me estremecí cuando vi una medalla de la UDO. Yo también soy udista. Es fascinante ver tu camino de humildad y perseverancia. Un caluroso saludo @roadstories

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