Another Month of Isolation: What World Will we Return to?

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This past Monday, we were supposed to be ending the "shelter in place" mandate we have been living under, for quite a while.

Then, late last week, the state governor extended the order till the end of May.

Clouds on the horizon

Gratitude, in the Chaos...

It's not that I am actively trying to find the silver lining in the dark clouds, but once again I find myself feeling very grateful that we no longer have a brick-and-mortar art gallery in our downtown area!

Our city center has become a strange "ghost town." Our little seaside city is typically teeming with tourists this time of the year... instead, the streets are empty, save for a few cars parked in the areas reserved for picking up take-out orders from the few food establishments still keeping their kitchens open for phone orders.

If we had not already had to close, our little gallery would be going bankrupt.

"It's All In The Details"

What Will Remain?

Our town is mostly made up of small independent businesses, typically operated by individuals, or local families. There are pretty much no national chains here.

When the green light will be given to open back up — whenever that happens — I do find myself wondering how many doors will just stay permanently closed?

Sadly, I'm willing to bet it will be more than a few.

Meanwhile, this place relies largely on sales taxes from sales to the typical 2-3 million tourists who come here, every year. "Tourist Season" has started, and so far everyone is playing to an empty house, IF they are even open.

"Sun and Petals"

Sadness for the Artists

On the main road into town, there's a big sign that reads "Welcome to Port Townsend!" and the byline is Washington's Seaside Arts Community.

I wonder how all the artists who came to this place are making out?

As an artist, myself, I know I have had plenty of time to create, for the past couple of months. But ART is not exactly high on people's lists of shopping priorities when they are worried about their jobs, and their biggest buying issues are worry over whether or not the supermarket will have toilet paper in stock...

I feel sad for them; it must be quite scary to have your life's work pushed towards irrelevancy, like that...

I really do wonder — and worry about — what sort of place this will be, by October or November, when another "season" has been and gone...

Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!


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