5 Lessons That Will Help You Succeed In Your Newly Married Life!

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Marriage is a big commitment of one's life. You promise that you'll never cheat your partner and will never leave him alone. You promise that you won't leave your partner during hard times and will stay loyal to each other. But, unfortunately, we are living in an age where divorce is all too common. Divorces happen for various reasons, one of which may also be that you don't take people's advice seriously.

I'm sure that many of you have attended wedding parties for many of your friends and relatives. One of my very close relatives married a couple of years ago, and as you can guess, I was one of them who stayed closer to him. As he was going to start a new life with her life partner, many people came to advise him about his newly married life.

I'm not married yet. But I'm so lucky that my friends have taught these lessons to me in advance. They continuously share the lessons that they've learned and suggest to me that I should marry as soon as possible because life becomes even more beautiful after marriage. And why not? After all, we all have to marry at some point in our lives.

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They shared some pieces of advice to me. There's no doubt that they work flawlessly. Do you know why? Because they are based on a sensible explanation, which is enough to believe that they are not lying. Furthermore, I've looked throughout the internet for the experience of other married couples, and after a lot of research, I can say that these pieces of advice will help you in your newly married life a lot.

Today, I'll share those five lessons that will help you succeed in your married life.

1. Keep dating your life-partner:

I've seen many people, among whom are some of my friends too, who promised at the time of marrying that they'll never stop dating their spouse, but after a few months or years, they stopped doing it. They become workaholic. The wife spends all the time doing housework, and the husband spends most of his time at the office, and they spare no time for each other.

Keep dating your spouse just like you used to do before marriage. Marriage doesn't end the romance. Instead, it begins the romantic chapter of your life, which unfortunately some couple don't understand. Either plan your date or surprise each other. You can even arrange a candlelight dinner at home if you're so damn busy.

2. Voice your concerns and talk them out:

Both of you don't need to always agree with each other. There will be differences. You may need to learn to agree to disagree. A small misunderstanding can become a big issue for you later at some point if you don't sort them out on the spot. You have to voice your concerns immediately.

My friend had to go to the office on weekends due to the burden of work. His wife didn't know that he is doing it unintentionally. She voiced her concern, and discussed it with him and only after then he was able to explain the reason. That's how they sorted their issue out, instead of fighting or thinking bad for each other.

Talk about your problem with your spouse. Explain what you think he meant, and he'll explain to you what he meant to say because misunderstanding often stems easily. You'll surely be able to work out your problems by discussing it. A small misunderstanding can lead to a dangerous outcome - divorce.

3. Stop being bossy:

One of the oldest lessons is to never command something to your spouse. You may have often asked your partner to do something quickly, and it's perfectly fine if you did use some manners. Your bossy attitude may frustrate your partner, and that may also lead to unnecessary fights due to the shift in mood. Be mindful of your words.

My friend taught me that one of the best ways is using "please" more often and if your partner does something for you, appreciate and thank him. That way, your partner will love to do whatever you say to him/her rather than becoming mad on you. This relationship requires you to use manners for each other to succeed.

4. Give enough space to each other:

You may love spending time with your partner. Everyone does. But he doesn't always have to do what you want him to do. Give enough space to each other to do what you like. Both of you may have different hobbies.

Don't stop each other from doing what you like. It makes both of you feel that you are not bound to each other. Instead, live the life you used to do before marriage. The better mood of your partner after giving enough space and letting him do whatever he wants will be beneficial for yourself. And therefore, both of you will be happy.

5. Groom yourself for your partner:

After spending a long day at the office working hard, your husband comes back to the home expecting that you will be waiting for him in a fresh mood, but you welcome him wearing the cooking cap and average clothes, and turn off all of his feelings that he had, LOL. Try finishing your work by the time your husband comes back and welcome him in such a dress that he likes to see you in.

The changes in body shape often result in less frequent intimacy. Your partner doesn't find you attractive, and you are ignoring your looks just because you're married already? Don't make this mistake. Yes, your husband still loves you in whatever shape or dress you are, but if you'll groom for him and take care of your body shape by doing a short workout every day, it will increase the frequency of intimacy, and you'll look more attractive to him. That way, he will be forced to stay loyal to you. The same advice goes for the husband.

I hope that you'll find this post helpful for your current or future life. If so, please share it with others too. If you have something that you'd like to add, feel free to do so in the comment section below. Follow me at @princewahaj for more content. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a good day!


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