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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

in OCD7 months ago

These updates have not yet rolled over to esteem and I have been accessing the block via my phone all week. Things are moving fast which is good, but there is a lot of change to keep up with.

So can we still resteem or is that dead?


These updates are not on Steemit or through communities, it is a @steempeak feature. Not sure if other UIs will integrate similar, but I am guessing it will evolve.

Yes, resteem works and it will go into your blog roll like normal. Weird thing is, if you post in a community and want it in your own blog roll, you have to resteem yourself. The reason is that sometimes you might not want every post to be in your roll, for example if there was a helpdesk community where people asked questions, it could be that those questions were automatic "decline payout" and you would only want them to appear there.

thanks for the explanation @tarazkp, it's really hard keeping up with all the changes

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