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Some heavy changes taking place lately my friend, but we are always looking at the positives in any "dark" event. After the Covid thing is over, many people will realise that they can work from home permanently and there will be less cars on the roads.

As far as the Hive thing goes, in for a penny, in for a pound, as all that each of us has to do is to make it work for us. All of our eggs are no longer in only one basket methinks.


There's a lot going on for sure, but humans are reasonable at enduring and bouncing back...At least collectively, if not always individually. Maybe we'll remember 2020 as the year a correction that needed to happen actually did. The same for HIVE of course...We will adapt and move forward...Hopefully.

Be well.

You are right and I also think that a correction was due sooner or later.
Amazing how the finances crashed across the world and how many people are now sitting at home due to the virus.
According to the UN today millions can die.
Especially us old folks. Not that it bothers me as I continue with my daily posts and life goes on.
Blessings and take care my friend!

We are all going to die, that's a given...Of course most don't try to accelerate that moment, and justifiably so. How we live should receive far more focus and effort than the fact that we are going to die.

The virus situation, and it's associated financial and emotional stresses, is a terrible situation, but like all bad situations lessons can be learned. It remains to be seen if they are learned, and by how many.

Thank you for replying.


Agreed with you mate, but nature has been trying to teach mankind for ages and it seems that we will never grasp the value of the real way how to live.
Instead we chase "prosperity", comfort and "progress". In the process damaging all around us.

We shall soon see if anyone has even bothered with any lessons in this virus situation and if they did, then they will most likely apply it in the wrong way Lol.
Such is life!

Blessings and thank you for the kind gift!

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