Reading my biggest passion.

in OCD3 years ago

I am a big reader I must admit I can not live without books, and in this time of lockdown reading save me from the emptiness of my days, from the anxiety and from my bad thoughts.

Reading for me was always a sweet escape, I start to read since I was I child, to read not only for school I had my own little precious bookshelf with not only fairitales books but also some Tolkien books and fantasy sagas, also a guide against Norvegia trolls, must be useful one day.

I never stop to read, my passion for reading increase day by day, when I met Harry Potter I fell In love of this saga and I start to search everything about fantasy, magicians and witches.

Around 18 I was more into vampire, I loved Anne Rice books, I hated twilight saga, I loved horror, S. King, Le fanu, Poe and urban fantasy books.

Actually I read almost everything, not only one single genre, from Jojo moyes to David Foster Wallace...

I also read different kind of books not only romances but reaserches or guides and I am still a big reader.

When I hear someone say "I don't read books" I ask myself how they can live?

I can't imagine my life without books.

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