My place, my life in time of lockdown .

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During the lockdown as everyone else I'm a blocked at home, I feel lucky because I have enough outdoor space so I do not feel my life here like a life in jail, I have pretty much space for a little walk and for doing outdoor tasks.

I am full of gratitude for that I can not imagine how can be living in an apartment probably like living in a cage during this lockdown


My home stairs.


The flowers here are cutter and not yet bloom, uff, I love these flowers when they blooming..




As you can see I live near the wood its really relaxing and beautiful and you can meet too many animals during the night and the day 😍
The wood it's so beautifully and I am lucky to have it so close to my place but sometimes I must admit I miss a city life, because here it's so beautiful but also so lonely, during the winter there are no neighbors and I am completely slpn, that amplify my sensation of loniless during the lockdown.

It's OK most of the time but such a long lockdown here was quite hard, luckily I walked in the woods, I touch the trees and i smell the nature flovor, it helps me a lot.



Our car stopped here since the 10 of March.




So that where I live I hope you enjoyed the photos 💕


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