Yep...I logged into HIVE but it's not really working properly. I guess it'll come good over time.

I doubt it.

Time will tell. I've been at steem for a long time and see no reason why a person cannot work over both, just like a person may have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

Whatever happens will happen. This is a hobby for me rather than a vehicle to make money or secure my financial future; I have the real world to do those things.

Thanks for your comment; I believe it's the first time you've ever commented on anything I've posted. Much appreciated.

No problem. You seem to be taking this all way less to heart so I figured my opinion wouldnt offend you. I think your right. I think using both and seeing what happens from here out instead of having hard feelings either way will prove which project will prove themself, or maybe they both will. Im excited. A split is better than continued infighting. Hope this divorce makes everyone happy.

Everyone won't be happy...Not when humans are involved.

Me? Well, I just want to create content and have fun...As a person who doesn't like social media I found that ability on steem. If HIVE also gives me that ability, to have fun, then why wouldn't I work on both?

Getting butt-hurt because a couple of millionaires came up with a plan to make more money isn't my style...Living life to the best of my ability is...

It's all quite elementary really.

If he only cared about making more money, he wouldnt have invested in steem. Its potential for defi, his vision for decentralized data and content is why he chose to buy steemit of ned. As someone who is a Tron 'fanboy' or so they like to call me, I love what tron is doing, i love how btfs and BitTorrent speed are evolving, he brought back poloniex to be a reputatable exchange, he made dlive more fun and profitable with btt usdt and trx implementation and it wont be long until he makes steemit more awesome too. Hive could be cool aswell, Im just personally someone who see's the Tron vision and am only disappointed that it didnt click for steem users too.

One thing a person can't do is make other people do what they don't want to...Not without a lot of effort, and even then history shows us it is not sustainable.

I don't know about all those things you mentioned, and so can't comment...I just write stuff and post it...I don't know who is right, who is wrong and don't really care...Money isn't my motivating factor here, or on HIVE...I prefer to take care of that in the real world. If tron, steem, hive or any other social media fails it makes no difference to me, there's always something new on the horizon.

People need to make their own decisions and then act on them...Doing anything else makes a person a lemming, a sheep, following along blindly and without individual thought.

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