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RE: The sound of 340M STEEM being dumped and the simple choice

in OCD2 years ago

No need to panic.
Justin just wants out at this point- with as little upset as possible - ie any crap coming back to him from the use of the exchange debacle.
(from my take on the last meeting, they didn't grasp the concept of 'power down' , or understand it even. Seriously)
I think he wants out, never to be seen again.
(ned may be having some problems though)

For you guys with serious money invested in Steem, the last thing you need is as split.


Yes, Justin wants out.
Which is why he would push a hardfork.
Which is why the community would counter-hardfork.

Everyone thinks the counter-hardfork is a really bad outcome, but it's only a bad outcome if their are multiple forks and multiple community splits. If we can keep the community together (which looks obvious from witness votes) then a sister chain could easily have more value than the original in quite short order.

There is no reason to.
WE hold all the cards.
(if you're not aware of the power dynamics, you are doomed in negotiation. I don't mean 'you', I mean as a rule of thumb. Know your strengths).

What do 'they' have?
1/ A probable illegal action by the exchanges
2/ A probable illegal action by Tron
3/ A non successful hostile takeover of the witness spots.
4/ A lot of pressure to be out of their humongous cock up, to avoid legal hassles and future consequences in the wider crypto world.

What do 'we' have.

2/ A 13 week, 'way out' route to their self inflicted fuck up.
(a power down, to fix the immediate problem.

3/ time

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