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RE: STEEM DAO Proposal: Support Me To Rent & Setup A Macrohard Hub (For Programmers And Entrepreneurs) In The Philippines.

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Hello, @SurpassingGoogle!! I've been watching the situation in the witnesses section with all those recent changes which for all have been difficult to heal and move on!! I've been thinking in all the inspirational people I've found in Steem and you are one of them, I'm very happy you are still working with great faith in the future and possibilities of this blockchain. I've read your witness proposal and this SPS too. I've already upvoted on your steem witness and proposal, and you have my vote on hive too as steemgigs. Have been weeks trying to figure what to do and I came with a little project that is intended for the little users to grow their accounts to minnow level while posting, engaging, planing vote strategies, learn about the operation of the blockchain and in addition receiving a 200 sp delegation. That´s in a few words but it would be great to count with your input and advice, I'm sharing a link with the Definition and Roadmap for the project.
I'll also try to draw some attention on your projects, it's really a time to collaborate!!

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap

Best regards!!


Thank you a lot for everything and for the inspiration. I will read it. Are you public? A side question, just incase you are open to a livestream where upon we talk.

Thank you very much for your kind response, @SurpassingGoogle!! I know you have a lot of work right now, please when you find is a good time you can check it!!
Yes I'm public and will be a honor to be with you in livestream!!! Just a little nervous because my spoken english is really bad, but I´ll try!! :)

Thank you very much for doing all you do for Steem, giving heart and spirit in helping others on the opportunities of this blockchain!!

Best winds for all your projects, @SurpassingGoogle!!

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