Ramadhan Sketch Challenge - Day 9 - Pill

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This is a continuous sketch challenge to support the Ramadhan Sketch Challenge 2020 initiated by @kymio of KL Sketchnation. It is something fun to do especially when I can pick up sketching again and share my art piece with the community too.

This is the sketch for the 9th day which is Pill. A very familiar scene in the Matrix trilogy where Neo has to choose which path he is going to take by taking the pill that Morpheus has to offer. In the end, he chose the red pill where he woke up from the "reality" that he is in. In the movie, the "pre-red pill reality" was a steady and comfortable life with a repetitive routine and everyone went through almost the same life. While for the "post-red pill reality", it is a very challenging and survival mode kind of life where every day is a fight and people cherish the security and resources they get.

On the contrary to our real-life here, I think me myself also have this experience where I am trapped in a comfort zone where I just do whatever I felt comfortable and keep repeating that. Nevertheless, I did not realize that by doing so, I tend to fall into a rabbit hole that I may not be able to escape after getting too deep. When I took a different path, wanting to try things out my own way, things really get challenging and it requires an open mindset to accept and face the challenges. That is what Neo has to face and that brings him to a state that he is able to see through how the world really works without the camouflage.

Well, this is very interesting, to be honest. Throughout the journey of exploration, I get to see how the world works from different aspects like human relation, economics, culture and technology. There are just so many things to learn. Thus, it is impossible for me to stop and going deeper into this game to really find out my own way to live through this real world with the limited life span I have in this world. Haha, guess I am going a bit far fetch like I am in the game.

What if I am actually a game character, controlled by my conscious in a higher dimension? Will I view myself the same again? I think not and I will be able to see myself with a third person eye, which I think is really useful.


If you wanna join the fun to sketch, feel free to join and just use the tag above the drawing and upload it on Instagram.


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