The plagiarism (Story)

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Archaeology has always been his love since childhood, perhaps because of the fact that his curiosity was always above normal.

When he began to have information about ancient civilizations he understood that this was his future and now when he practices his profession with passion, he understands that the universe always conspired so that he could fulfill his goals.

But it was writing that allowed him to cover his study expenses and subsequent travels after graduating and not just the scientific but the fictional type.

He invented stories by hobby and as a way of killing time and those fateful events, his best friend encouraged him to participate in a prestigious contest of stories and he did it without hope, but to surprise he was a winner and besides the juicy cash prize, he won the possibility of publishing a book where the winning story and 9 others would be.

The book was a success, the sales brought him comfort and also commitments and in the last five years, as an annual blessing his equal number of books, published one per year, have been among the first places of the most sold and have been translated into several languages.

Reason why many do not know that his true profession is archaeology and many journalists who have interviewed him have placed it as a hobby, so he feels indebted to their knowledge and after some failures has managed to discover an ancient Egyptian cemetery, prior to the time of the pharaohs, but with a strange characteristic, in the place have obtained a group of papyri and parchments written in a language similar to Sanskrit, which had never known before.

Getting someone who could decipher these documents was a titanic and legendary task, because there was no relationship between this language and that of the archaic Egyptian and the texts, according to the carbon date, were from a much newer period, approximately 2000 years before the Christian era, in addition that would raise the possibility of the presence of Indo-European peoples in the Egypt of the Middle Empire, in the reign of Mentuhotep III.

This could reveal that in the territory of Punt, named in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt and where it is attributed an expedition of the king of the era of papyrus, a variety of Sanskrit unknown, similar to the siculo, and present in parchments.

It took the old translator six months to decipher just one of the parchments, which in the current language represented a thousand words and this meant for him an almost fulminant impact, because he himself told a story he already knew, because it was the creation of his imagination.

The parchment had exactly the same text as his winning story, the one that catapulted him to success. A 100% similar copy out of the time tunnel in a language I didn't know. A plagiarism thousands of years apart.

How was it possible for two people to imagine the same thing in such distant times in time? To make that scroll public was to give arms to any human being to accuse him of stealing another's story, even more so when it was he who discovered them, only ten years after his story was written and published.

Reincarnation? Astral travel in time?

A mystery that he will never solve and that will condemn.