Whispers and Wails | Original Poetry

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The wolf wails
as the wind whispers
of unsaid words
in sudden seizures,
and untold secrets
in throes of slow,
arduous labour —
death and life,
side by side,
holding hands
and strolling together
til the death of aged Earth,
his four crinkled corners
crumpling in flames —
then the wind will cease her whispers,
and the wolf alongside her.

Image Source: Matan Elihay, Unsplash

This poem was inspired by the news of friends who lost (and may very soon) their family members as well as friends who have gained lovely additions to their families.

Personally, I was having a hard time processing simultaneous experiences of sorrow/grief on one hand, and joy/elation on the other.

Writing poetry helped me process these feelings which otherwise could not be conveyed through words.

Thank you for reading!

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