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The year seem to have started with some big calamities, from corona virus pandemic to locust invasion. The corona virus seems to be the biggest challenge for the world, it started in china as small market and a city of Wuhan tried to deal with what was unknown and has spread to 32 countries globally. When it was first report in Wuhan by a local doctor it wasn’t taken seriously and the doctor was arrested and forced to retract his statement or be charged with spreading rumors that may cause social panic. One month later the virus was ravaging the city of Wuhan.

From the city of Wuhan, it traveled to the province of Hubei and then to the rest of the world. China has been hit the hardest with 95% of the case are reported there. Most of the people in China are under quarantine and this has led to a slowdown in the economy and has put the world economy at jeopardy. The old adage that China is the sick man of Asia has come to be true, that statement has caused a lot of heated argument with the Chinese government expelling 3 American journalists.

img credit Wuhan looks like a ghost town due to the quarantine

The effect of the corona virus is been felt across the world. China is the world factory and with things grinding to a halt the rest of the world feel the pain. Most companies are not in operation or are operating at low capacity since most people are not allowed to move out of there homes. Other industries like tourism and aviation have also been affected. People are afraid to leave home and most tourist hot spot in Asia are feeling the pain. The aviation industry has also been affected with many airlines avoiding Asia as a whole.

img source

The rest of the world is starting to feel the effect of the corona virus as many countries are trying find ways to prevent it from coming into their country. This week Iran and Italy were hit. It has put the middle east and Europe in panic mode. Iran neighbors have closed their borders and Italy have shut down several cities and has stopped people gathering in public place including football matches, church gathering and public squares. The economy of northern Italy is been shattered since it depends on tourism and most cafes are closed

We are in the early stages of the epidemic and we are not sure if it will be contained or it will or it will blow up and affect the whole world. We hope and pray that all will be well before everything falls apart.

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