Ann the Sphinx. Handcut collage 50/50cm.

in OCD2 years ago

I found an older handcut collage i created almost 3 years ago for the the theatrical adaptation of the At home, at the zoo play. A friend of mine was producing it and asked me to make the poster and a few artworks to be used as promotion. I did more than a few because i was really inspired and he gave a lot of material to work with. It was a huge step for me and a real challenge to work with , lets say, real people and not downloaded from the net photos. Moreover actors are sensitive with their image and famous actors are 10 times more,lol. I had to put a lot of thinking in every creation, keep my surreal idea to a minimum and try not to have ridiculous result.

Ann the sphynx.jpg



A lot of observing eyes in the first background, the combination of a cat and woman is great :)

Yes the eyes of the viewers :) Thank you so much Stef:)

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